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Self - Fulfiing Prophecy

“Self - Fulfiing Prophecy” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Eylül Beril ALTINTAŞ, Faruk Demirbag Ortaokulu, Istanbul, Turkey.

Self - Fulfiing Prophecy

It was a Wednesday. Tom, that time classic football training, was walking homeward output. Tom plays football well. Many flagged after football training. He wanted to go home and sleep. Then he went home with quick steps. When he went home, his parents met him. He chatted with his parents. Beautifully ontil that day…


One day when Tom and his family would go on a picnic after school because they often go to picnic on Sundays to relieve the exhaustion of the week. They all started to prepare for the picnic and Tom came out of the school on time. His parents picked him up from the school and they were ready for the journey. They started to hit the road together. That day Tom’s father had to take the car because the brake of the car damaged. Then he began taking hold today, despite the damaged brake. Suddenly his father lost control of the car. Tom was afraid of driving such a car because they were indifference. He was driving fast. Everyone at the scene immediately called 911 for emergency service ambulances. After a while medical team came to help the wounded ones. Unfortunately Tom and his family were wounded so emergency medical team took them to the hospital. Then nurses at the hospital, gave the news to the relatives and close friends about the family.

Everyone who heard the news rushed to the hospital. As day passed Tom’s mother’s and father’s condition was getting better. But there was something wrong. Due to severe accident Tom’s leg was broken. Unfortunately this fracture was irreversible. And Tom’s leg was worsening day by day. Therefore the doctors told Tom’s parents that his leg barely healed. Days passed and Tom’s parents recovered. But Tom’s situation remained the same. They were too upset. Doctors thought it was time to tell the family that the cases like Tom’s hard to heal more. After the accident Tom’s football career was ended unfortunately, because he could not play football with one leg.

The intervening 3 years have passed. Tom did not play football and went to football training no longer. He was depended on wheelchair. He spent so much time on wheelchair. But whatsoever there was still hope. However teachers, friends, relatives, and everyone around him said there was no way he could play again, there was nothing to be done, destiny would not change. And Tom’s hopes started to fade away. Now he believed that he would not be like anyone else anymore. Because they said a lot of things so loud that no one could play football with one leg. He thought “l cannot do because l cannot play football with one leg”.

One day, while he was going to school with his wheelchair, he saw a new woman who came to school as a teacher. Tom’s mother dropped him the class with his wheelchair. Then the school bell rang. And the teacher entered the classroom. The teacher saw him when he entered the school in the morning. Tom was very intrigued, he just wanted to meet with his new teacher. And publicity on the course. Teacher asked everyone about the sports, activities that they liked to make. Tom said he was sorry because he had to quit football. The teacher asked why. Tom said he had an accident 3 years ago and he lost his one leg. The teacher also asked him the question: “Why did not you ever try to play football again?” Tom said that everyone told him that he could not play that’s why he didn’t even want to try at all because he knew he could not. The teacher said: “if you really wanted l know you could Tom.” The teacher talked to his family about this situation and Tom believed in himself and he joined the football club again. He could not play as he was playing before but he was trying with his one leg anyway. Tom was back on his seat again. At the beginning, his family and friends did not believe of Tom. Following the routing of what our brains to do what we think in our memories. Because our minds become self-fulfilling prophecy we prove it. Yet don’t listen to anyone and if you believe in yourself only because they believe it will perform in the brain. And that day had shed light on new teachers for the future of school and Tom. Good thing we have in life such as teachers we train and we teach.

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