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Self Confidence

“Self Confidence” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Kratika Agarwal, S.V Inter College, India.

Self Confidence


I am telling you a story of a girl whose name is Katty. She is an intelligent girl. She is participating in sports also. She is a badminton player. She got many prizes in badminton. But something is lack in Katty. She is very short. She is study in 9th class. But due to height, she looks like a student of 2nd or 3rd class. The students of her class laugh on her for her height. They used to tell, “ Who are you”? You are not a student of our class you are a 2nd class student. Go from here. Then Katty says, “l am always asked god why did you make me so small. There are many children in the world. Everybody laugh on me for my height.” There is nothing without growth. Growth is everything. The people should not think that every person have a good quality as well as a bad quality. Some children are lack of concentration on their studies where some children are got higher position in the class. The people do not support the bad quality of a person to make the self confidence of a person. But they laugh on the bad quality. They do not saw that the person have a good quality also. But they laugh so the person loss his confidence.

One day in the school, Katty was weeping. Her class teacher came to her and said “Why are you weeping"? What happened? She told her everything. Her class teacher said “don't worry. All are happy because of yo .”

“When they mock you, you lose your Self confidence. So they again start laughing. If you don't loss your self confidence and if you answer them confidently, they will stop laughing at you. So, you should tell them that “Yes my height is small. I don't care of this. Why do you care for this? You care of your height and health.”

Katty asked her teacher “ What is Self confidence "? I don't understand this. Her class teacher said that Self confidence is a self power of a person. If a person loss his self confidence, then he loss everything. Without confidence a person cannot win his war.

One day in the school, a dance competition is held. All students are excited for the competition. But there is a condition in competition. Every participant had to dance with a partner of boy, because this was a couple dance competition. Some students are found their partners for dance and start practicing for dance. Katty also wanted to participate in the competition but she had no partner. She asked some boys but they all said no. They said so because of her height. At this time, Katty did not weep. She confidently said, ”Today you are laughing on me. Tomorrow everybody laugh on you. And then you realize what am I feel when you laugh me. Then they said SORRY to Katty. She smiled and said “now I understand the means of self confidence. So what if I cannot participate in a competition.” On the competition day, all participants performed good. The time of results is come .There were three prizes 1st, 2nd and 3rd of dance. The prizes were given to the winners. In last of program the judges announced the name of Katty, but she surprised. Why the judges announced her name? Judges announced that Katty got maximum Marks in the final examination and got first position in the school. They gave prize to Katty. A medal, a certificate, a dictionary and a coupon of 2000 rupees. Katty said I m always think that my height is small. So I cannot do any work in my life. Everybody laughed on me. So I lost my confidence. When my friends laughed on me I felt bad and I did not want to come in school because when I come in school everyone surprisingly asked me Are you really in 9th class. Then I said Yes. I am in 9th class. They laughed on me. And said are you joking? I started smiling on them because I know they can make fun of me. I am happy for the prize. I don't care for this.

Next day in the school, my friends come to me and said “We are really sorry". I am asked why do you say sorry to me? We realized that we are wrong. I think if I don't confidently stop him for laugh they will never stop. This all are done only because of self confidence. I give many thanks to my teacher for explain me the means of self confidence.

SO my dear friends I am request you to if anybody is laugh on your bad quality then you don't loss your self confidence


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