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School Holidays with 5 Best Friends

“School Holidays with 5 Best Friends” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Zefanya Alfaningsih Wardoyo, Sekolah Citra Berkat, Indonesia.

School Holidays with 5 Best Friends

On a sunny morning, 5 friends went out through the jungle lush forest. 5 friends are Marine, Jasmine, Cio, Affa, and Gito. They went to the forest to camp.

After reaching the middle of the forest, Affa and Cio look for firewood while Marine, Jasmine, and Gito set up tents. The tent was already established but Affa and Cio have not come back yet. “Wah, where are they huh? It turns out they are lost in the forest.” They worried a lot. Finally Marine, Jasmine, and Gito decided to look for Affa and Cio.

What happened to Affa and Cio? They did not know where to go and they also forgot to bring a map and a compass. After a long search, finally Marine, Jasmine, and Gito managed to find Affa and Cio. So, they returned to the tent. After arriving in the tent Affa, Marine, and Jasmine immediately prepare dinner. Finally after dinner they went to bed because tomorrow they will move to a hut in the village where Cio’s uncle lived. They plan to ride around the village.

The next morning at sunset they immediately straightened the tent and all the equipment. After everything is done they went to the village by steam train. While on the train they were busy with their respective activities. Gito was photographing scene, Marine was busy reading book, Jasmine was busy with her phone, while Affa and Cio engrossed in chatting.

After 2 hours train journey, they arrived at a station. But they have not reached the cottage of Cio’s uncle. It takes about 45 minutes more.

Suddenly in the middle of the journey, their car got damaged. They waited for the car to be repaired first. Over time they feel bored. Thankfully, the car finally came back and they went on their way. Soon they arrived in front of the cottage belonging to Cio’s uncle. They were warmly welcomed by Cio’s uncle and aunt.

The next morning, they wake up early morning to jog. When they were running, suddenly Affa fell down and her feet tar. Marine and Gito went to the store to buy medicine. Marine and Gito returned soon and Cio treated the wounded Affa’s feet. Her legs were too sick, so Cio held Affa up in the hut.

2 hours later, they went riding around the village. His riding was very exciting, but Affa’s feet were still sick so she does not ride.

Afternoon came, they went fishing together with Cio’ uncle. When they were fishing, Cio plunged into the river because his fish was caught too heavy to be pulled. Affa helped Cio to get on the boat, but Affa even come plunged into the river. Affa and Cio played in the water while Jasmine, Marine, Gito and Cio’s uncle laughed at them. They had fun at the time. After fishing they went back to the lodge. In the cottage, they ate dinner and slept.

The next day, they went back to town because the next day they had to go to school.

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