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Rosy And Caesar

“Rosy And Caesar” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Yoginipriya V, Jawahar Higher Secondary School, Neyveli, India.

Rosy And Caesar

"Rosy, can you go to the nearby shop and buy some items for me?" asked mom. Rosy sighed and replied, "I have homework to do mom, I can't go now". The shop is just half kilometers away from the house. Scarring her mother's wrath, Rosy changed her mind, and she took her new bicycle to the shop.

On her way, she met one of her aunts who informed her that the road she was taking to the shop was full of stray dogs and warned her to be careful. Her aunt even suggested Rosy to consider another road to the shop. But, Rosy was not afraid of stray dogs as she normally uses that same road to go to that shop. Also, she already befriended with one of the stray dog in that road by feeding that dog occasionally. She even named that stray dog as Caesar. Day by day, a bond of thick friendship was growing between them. Due to that friendship, she was assuming all the stray dogs will behave friendly like Caesar. She did not listen to her aunt's words and continuing on her way to the shop.

She bought all the items her mom asked and started back to the house. Unfortunately, on her way back to the house, she was greeted by a ferocious stray dog. She was very much scared. Her body was shivering and her legs were shaking. She hasn't met such a dog in her lifetime. On fear, she stopped her bicycle.

Unfortunately, she has come half the way from the shop and there was no one in the road to get help from. She was in a dilemma whether to continue to ride her bicycle or wait for the dog to leave. The dog was still standing in front of her and watching her angrily. She was praying to God for some help. On a second thought, she started riding her bicycle in an extreme speed to escape from the dog.

The dog was also running behind her in the same speed. Her heart was beating very fast. Suddenly, there came her friendly stray dog Caesar from a nearby bush. She was very happy and pleased to see her friend Caesar in that place.

Caesar understood that her friend Rosy was in a great trouble. On seeing Caesar, Rosy already stopped the bicycle. That angry dog was still behind her bicycle. Caesar came near Rosy and shooed away that angry dog with just one mighty bark. Rosy thanked Caesar and came home.

Rosy handed over the items she bought from the shop to her mother. Then, she told the whole story to her mom. Her mom scolded Rosy for not listening to her aunt's words. Referring Caesar, her mom told Rosy that dogs are very grateful animals. If you have done any good thing or a help to a dog, it will never forget it.

“So, now you did understand that the dogs are very good and friendly animals“ her mother said.

Now, her mother started to tell her about another dog which helped her family during Rosy's childhood days.

In her mother's words now,

"Several years back, we went to Hong Kong for an annual tour. We initially planned for 3 days trip to Hong Kong but extended it for another 2 days after seeing the beauty of Hong Kong.

We started the trip with a visit to Disneyland theme park on the first day. Then, we visited few other famous locations.

On fourth day, we planned to visit the famous Buddha temple located in a mountain in Hong Kong.

We reached the mountain by travelling in a cablecar. We went to the temple and prayed to Buddha. After vesting the temple, we heard about a sacred place for Chinese and planned to visit that place. That place was located few kilometers away from the Buddha temple.

We started to walk. The path to that place was a deserted narrow forest path covered virtually with plants on either side of the path. We felt scared initially but did not stop walking.

On our way in that path, there were 2 branches. So, we got confused about the right branch to take in order to reach that sacred place. At that time, from somewhere, one dog came in front of us, watched us for quite some time and then started walking in front of us and took the left branch in that path.

We got confused but decided to take the left turn as we thought that the dog wanted us to follow it to reach the sacred place. Fortunately, it was the correct route and we reached the sacred place.

After prayers, we thought of feeding some biscuits to that dog but that dog was not found anywhere nearby. We thanked the dog from our mind."

Her mother finished the story and looked at Rosy. Rosy nodded her head indicating that she understood the friendliness of dogs.

So, that was a happy ending of the story. Rosy and Caesar.

Moral: Animals are also god's creation, please do not beat them. Treat them lovably and they will be grateful to you ever.

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