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Robbery Billy

“Robbery Billy” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Mohammed Salti Mbarouk, Al Muntazir Boys Primary School, Tanzania.

Robbery Billy

One dark and stormy night, there was a robber named Billy. He was the smartest robber in the town. There were also some other robbers who were jealous of him because of all precious things he stole, at his secret home he has many treasures like diamonds, gold, a lot of money and many more. When he was on his missions of stealing, no one could spot him easily. There were two other burglars who were very jealous of him, their names were Jack and James.

One night Billy was going to rob the largest jewelry store in town, the jewelry store is named Gold Palace. The store has an original diamond and many more jewels. Now Billy went to the jewelry store by his invisible car and he also wore his invisible suit. When he reached the jewelry store his invisible suit got damaged by Jack and James, they hacked his suit so that it shouldn’t work, but he didn’t know that it was Jack and James who hacked it.

After taking off the suit, he met with Jack and James. They told Billy that they wanted to help him than Billy replied him ok but first we need a plan. He told James and Jack to go distract the security guard; the security guard who was called Paul, he was famous in town because he was very fat and he also has taken many other burglars to jail. While Jack and James went to distract Paul, Billy went into the store through the backdoor, but it was locked.

Now Jack and James have already set a distraction near Paul, then they went to Billy and helped him to open the door. After they got in, they started to fill their bags with jewels then Billy found the special diamond he replaced it with a fake one so that Jack and James should think that it is the real one, so they took it and started to quarrel about it. When they were quarrelling about the diamond, Billy tripped the alarm and escaped. When Paul heard the alarm, he called the police and rushed inside and found Jack and James fighting.

When Paul caught them he took them outside and waited for the police to reach. When the police reached, the police took them to the police station; they opened a case and sent them to jail for ten years. While they are in jail, Billy will be having a good time without disturbance from Jack and James. Next time Billy is going to hit a mall. In the mall he will get plenty of valuable stuff. After ten years, Jack and James will be out of jail and they will look after Billy and tried to teach him a lesson. Two days after when Jack and James were taken to jail he went to Jack and James secret house to steal all their precious stuff including money, gold, diamonds and many more. Robbing Gold Palace was a miracle for Billy. That was all about Billy and his two enemies Jack and James. Never mess with Robbery Billy!!!

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