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“Rise” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Filia Renatha, Theodore School, Indonesia.


Lisa was a normal girl who did not have many friends. It was all because she was lazy and dumb. Her simple thought told her that she would be just fine with only some friends. So she didn’t want to study and she only thought of playing. She didn`t give any effort to education until one day her father had to move to other city because of work and their family had to follow.

She was excited of going to her new school. She thought that the pupils in the class would like her because the city was not too popular. But she’s wrong when she attended the school. She introduced herself happily. The pupils there didn’t know much of her until one day when they got to know about her, they started bullying her.

She just didn’t mind what people said about her. She took sarcasms as jokes. One day her school table was full of paper. She opened them and read numerous swearing and threats. All these words haunted and scared her. She was too afraid to complain to teacher. One of the threats said that she would get beat up if she reported. She just kept it inside her heart.

She remained lazy and she got the last rank. Day after day people went far too much and started taping words at her back like “Loser”, “Dumb” and many other bad words and she just could not bear it anymore and told what happened to her to teacher.

She thought the case would just rest like that but she was wrong. After teacher punished the pupil who bullied her, they hunted her down and hit her up. She was just silent and did nothing except crying. She was too afraid to go home and she hid herself at the park. She didn’t know what to do. She was just too naive. Her leg and her hand were bleeding. She went home and told her mother that she just fell down. Her mother was not convinced.

Her mother went to ask her teacher and her teacher said she had become a victim of bullying. Her mother was shocked and asked her teacher why this happened. Her teacher said because she didn`t want to move one but she moved back. She didn’t want to study and people said she was dumb and her mother quickly went to her room and said to her that she needed to study harder and be braver “Don’t miss any step or you’ll be an unsuccessful person!” But she didn’t mind it.

She just played video game and those people bullying started stealing her stuff. She just gave them easily and they kept telling her bad words.

One day she told herself to change and finally she studied hard. When there was exam she got full mark and those people bullying her envied and started beating her up. But this time is different, she had friends who could help her and they stood up for her and told teacher what happened to her. One of her friends got beaten up till her head bled. Now, without a doubt the teacher expelled that pupil and that pupil with no words and got out.

Lisa thanked her friends so much and she became to know the function of study. Lisa studied and upon graduation, Lisa found a good job. She was then promoted to a very popular company and she became the company CEO’s secretary. Many of the employees envied her because she just signed in. One day the CEO wanted to retire. He didn’t have any child and he gave his position over to Lisa.

Lisa was wondering if it suited her and with a long thinking, she accepted the promotion. She became the CEO. Many problems she had to face. She felt tired but she didn’t give up and she kept working hard. Suddenly she thought of her mother’s advice to donate her money to orphans and the homeless. Now, she became a popular person whom many people respected. She always failed but now she is a successful person.

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