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Poor Perry

“Poor Perry” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Sheryl Kingson, JSS International School, UAE.

Poor Perry

Once upon a time there lived a fish, a beautiful blackspot angelfish. Named Perry, she had very limited friends… maybe because she had a knack to be unpunctual, or maybe because she did not care much about other’s comfort, or because she had too much ego, or maybe because she told TOO MANY LIES! Her only friends were Sera and Lara. One can say she is super lonely. She lived all alone close to the sea bed … well most of the sea companions are happy about because they would not adore a fish always annoying them and lying in every possible way! I would not like that much myself …

Last week Perry lived near the Lindly family and stole their milk! So they swore that if Perry lives near them for a day or two more they would place a case against her. Poor Perry, then she lived near the Bailey family and they shooed her away just because she told lies to the postman when he asked whether the Bailys are at home … soon she was known as the fish who told lies! Perry did not love that … She thought that they were being ‘rude’, she felt guilty and unhappy and her friends did not help much. They just discouraged her more and more. And the public were talking many rumors about her and I reckon that is not the kind of environment you would want to live in. So, Perry decided to change, so one fine day Perry was asked whether the neighbors where in town. Poor Perry who did not know that the neighbors were in town, said NO! And soon Mr. Joshua came into the front porch listening to the conversation. The postman turned red with anger and shot a death stare at Perry. Poor Perry. So that’s how Perry’s luck was throughout the week … I wouldn’t say Perry’s luck is the best. Soon no one liked Perry. So, one day she was so hopeless, that she thought of suffocated a young fish and tried saving it again. Well this is a master plan if you are a master villain… so Perry told the young fish not to worry about anything, and she is not gonging to kill him, and the youngling agreed

So, the plan went well except the part where the youngling’s mom saw everything. So the mom reported this case to the cops. So, Perry was interviewed…and the cops learned about how Perry used to be and how she felt and about how she is and about the idea of the ‘master plan‘. So later that evening the cops explained to the public about everything and soon they all were in harmony… So after that day Perry was welcomed to live in any reef and had lots and lots of friends.

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