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Peace’s Girl Aden

“Peace’s Girl Aden” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Adem Efe Ayvazoğlu, MEV College Private Ankara Secondary School, Turkey.

Peace’s Girl Aden

A girl was living in Idlib, Syria. She was thirteen, happy and hard working student. She wanted to be a doctor and live in a European country. Also she had a sister. Her name was Amina Meryem. She was a very cute baby. They had a highly educated and rich family. Their father was an engineer and mother was a doctor. It was a happy family.

After a while a civil war occured in their country. The happiness had gone, fear came. And one day Aden and her father went to a market to buy some diapers for Amina Meryem. After they had arrived to market they heard a boom. Fastly and anxiously they rushed to their home. They saw only a razed building. It was their home. Immediately they started to look for her mother and sister Amina Meryem but they found only their dead bodies. Her father and Aden cried for a long time. After that day they migrated to Turkey because the bombs were going on. Turkey gave them a house with three million refugees. Houses were in Gaziantep. Also Turkey government gave them some clothes, food and education. But her father wasn’t satisfied with the things given to them and decided to go Europe. Firstly they went to Izmir from Gaziantep. They tried to go to Greece with a boat but Greece soldiers didn’t allow them. During their return to Turkey their boat capsized. Anyone didn’t know how to swim, it means everyone was choking. Luckily Turkish soldiers saw and save them but during the event three babies died. After that accident she worked in Izmir for a year. She learnt Turkish Language. Turkish people behaved them nicely. Later his father applied asylum for Germany and German Government accepted that. She was shocked because Goverment refused other asylums. Aden asked to his father why they didn’t accept others. Her father said they had accepted only a few and said that they were lucky. A few months later, they went to Germany. She was happy because she had gone to her dream country. Her father found a job in there and started to earn money. Her father knew German but Aden didn’t learn German easily. She hardly learnt it in a year. After that she started to high school. And she finished high school’s first year with success because she was working hard. While she was studying in high school’s second grade her father died and she became alone. In Germany a Turkish family adopted her. They were from Ankara. Her new father was a business man and her new mother was an engineer. Also she had a brother, his name was Arda. They gave her a room. The family supported her and she graduated with degree from high school. She was happy but her country was in a very bad condition and while she was watching news she saw dead Syrian people. She was affected badly. After high school she studied political science at university. She had only one goal, it was saving her country. For that reason she studied much. While she was studing her last year at university, she heard that her country had got freedom. She returned back to her country. First she visited her parent’s and sister’s tomb. She’s still remembered the bombs. After that she joined a relief organization. That was helping the orphan children in Syria. But still her country was in danger. The villagers loved her so much because of that she was representing them. After long meetings with regime, they agreed to scour the invaders from the land. After one year they scoured all of the country. She was grateful to Turkish and German people. Later they made an election in the country and also Aden was a candidate. Before she won the elections she had taken the public’s support. After that she tried to form an independant country. Also she was the first woman president of her country. In a decade she developped her country and gave rights to women in her country. At the end she was dead. Because of that all the citizens in the country became very sad. After her death, they explained her last words. Her last speech was “ I was a war child but a peace woman. In my life I only worked for World peace.”

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