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OHhhhhhhhh Weather!!!!!!!!!!!!

“OHhhhhhhhh Weather!!!!!!!!!!!!” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Vishal AL Pusparajan, SJKT Ladang Lubok Segintah, Malaysia.

OHhhhhhhhh Weather!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Ohhhhhh weather where are you?? ………. I couldn’t found you ……. Please … please…… I’m looking for youuu… I want to save my people on me …..” Earth was crying on 22 Aprill 2017. It was Earth Day..

“Only that particular day the people on me think about me. Why it's Important day for them . Me truly a magnificent place. Known as the Blue Planet due to its abundance of water, Me is an incredibly complex and vibrant ecosystem, where living organisms interact with each other and environment to create the ideal conditions for life.

Out of blue the wind blow like held. All the trees are move like fall down. Roof of the houses are flyed. Startraining. The weather is crying. Mmmm….Mmmmmm………

“Why you calling me?”

Earth “What happen? I cannot live for long time. Coming soon I will destryoded” .

The weather “The people on you very stupid. They cut the trees. Let them die.” with angry face the weather is answering.

“Why you change? Your movement is not same like those days. You are changing a lot. Wind and storms are now different. Seasonal changes are due to you are revolving around the sun. Because me round and not flat, the Sun's rays don't fall evenly on the land and oceans. The Sun shines more directly near the equator bringing my areas more warmth.” The earth asked with sad face.

Why the people on you never think about it? Not only you. Me also change…… Heavy downpours are controlled by cloud mechanisms and moisture content, which are both changing as global temperatures rise. Clouds that can dump a lot of rain are more common in a warmer atmosphere. More evaporation has led to more atmospheric moisture, which in turn can lead to more intense rainfall.”

“You know, in the northeast United States, the combination of more moisture in the atmosphere from a warmer world and changes in circulation patterns are contributing to more rain. In the southwest, meanwhile, rainfall is being suppressed by a northward expansion of a subtropical dry zone. The same atmospheric phenomena that cause this dry zone are also behind the extreme drought now plaguing California. All state will suffer coming soon”

“Hhhhhh …….”. The people now worries….. Now only the greatest aspirations of humankind have always been to save me. As fallible human beings, it’s too easy getting into a mindset in which people think making a difference is impossible but it’s not. It’s too easy to get discouraged about things going on in the world and to complain that things are going downhill.”

“They forgot to remember”:

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“Now days the people are going green and saving me through many daily preservation practices. In the school also they teach how to take care me. They plants trees to save me. Coming soon they will take care of me.” The earth with peace of mind explant to the weather.

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