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Nixon My Best Stag Friend

“Nixon My Best Stag Friend” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Georgio Hugo De’ Lafayet, Sekolah Citra Berkat, Indonesia.

Nixon My Best Stag Friend

Hi, my name is Scott William Ford, I’m in eighth grade, and I born at 1st May 2004. My hobby is drawing, imaginationing, and badminton.

I’m a boy that had many friends, I even had my own girl, her name is Coraline Dina Wayne (Conan). I had three best friends :

Zane Burst, he’s a logic expert

Sally Wayne, she’s a logic expert too!

Conan, she’s a natural science expert. Just like me!

I also had my favorite animal, a stag! It’s not natural huh...for a boy like me. But what can I do? the way I live on GEONEL island. On Geonel island, so much mysteries hidden on that island. One of them is the mystery of the stag forest on the north mountain.

No one ever knows if it’s real or not. Even the greatest scientist on Geonel island didn’t know it for sure. Because I want to be a scientist, and I always wanted to had an adventure. Why don’t I just find it? It’s a long journey to get there, so I decided to go there by training plane. But I’ll need my three best friends. I’ll ask them tomorrow.

The next day... (at school)

Scott:”Hey guys, can you help me to search the stag forest?”

Zane:”Oh, man...come on dude...again?”

Sally:”Yeah, always speak the same thing.”

Conan:”Come on guys...he always helped us when we’re in trouble. After all we had a long summer vacaition.”

Zane:”Huh,okay..!” (Zane answering with unhappy faces)

Scott:”Okay, next week on Saturday morning. But tomorrow we’re going to prepare everything.”

We’re going to go by a training plane, we should order a ticket for it. But, after we plan everything.

The next week...

Scott:”Alright guys, we’ve already planed everything. You guys still know your job, right?”

Zane:”Yeah, me and Sally are going to solve every obstacle we’re going to face. You and Conan are going to write every new discoveries that you’ve found.”

Scott:”Great! So come on guys, let’s go to the airport and order our ticket.”

The adventure starting their trip to the north. Turns out, a storm is heading towards them and almost crash them into the south. But their lucky, their pilot bring a GPS. And after they arrived, their journey begin.


Zane:’’Help!! this plant is trying to kill me! ‘’

Scott:’’Hold on tigth, 1...2...3 pull!! ‘’

Zane:’’Yeah...and that’s not the first one. First that memory water erasing, second the mud monster, and third that! Why did I even wanted to come with you.”

Sally:’’Yeah...he’s right, we’re not even close to it, maybe it’s not real. Why don’t you just give up.

Scott:’’Speak for yourself...’’(suprised)

Sally:’’ it’s real, the forest.’’(amazed)

Scott:’’I don’t know what to say.’’

Zane:’’Hey guys, i found a lonely stag, look, and it looks lonely.’’

Scott:’’Oh..i know, why don’t we adopt it. I’m gonna named him Nixon.’’


Sally:’’Hey why don’t we make a book about this adventure.’’

Scott:’’Okay guys, mission complete let’s go home.’’

Zane:“And see those monster way man.”

Scott:“Who says we have to see them again?”

A helicopter comes...

Zane:’’Did you call a helicopter. ‘’

Scott:’’Long story. Come on, let’s go home.’’

On way back home...

Scott:’’I learn one thing from that journey. That is never give up on anything.’’

Scott:’’We’ll keep you safe Nixon.’’


Conan:’’Scott!! NO!! ‘’(scream and cry)


Because of that day... Scott has fell into the sea and never to be seen again. And his 3 best friends are always taking good care of Nixon, and made a book. With the title ‘’Nixon My Best Friend’’ they made that book with the notes that are taken from their journey. And turns out Nixon is a loyal stag because he always come to visit Scott’s grave and keep him for a while.

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