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My True Story

“My True Story” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Jay Sameer Badiani, Al Muntazir Boys Primary School, Tanzania.

My True Story

This is my story. My name is Jay Badiani and I am 10 years old. I am studying at Al Muntazir Boys primary School in grade 5. Before 3 years; I travelled with my family to India to visit our relatives.I clearly remember it was my 7th birthday. My parents and my brother told me that they have planned surprise birthday party for me. I started guessing different places – I was expecting that they will take me to amusement park or playground.

My family took me to a place which was one hour away from our stay. The place was “Mother Teresa Orphanage”.It was my first visit to any orphanage. My mum explained that the orphanage is the place where orphans live and orphan is the child who lost his or her parents. It was mix feeling while entering in the premises of the place. I was sad to find the meaning of orphan but the same time excited to meet new people.

I saw the big old building with small garden. We met the Head teacher and care taker of the place; then we met all the teachers and finally children. There were children from the age of new born babies till age of 18 years.

My parents brought books, clothes, biscuits and other gifts for them which they told me to distribute, which did. Instead of cutting cake, I gave cupcakes to all my new friends. Every year I get gifts and I feel so happy while receiving them; but that time I was feeling proud while giving them gifts.

Few kids of my age show me their residing area, which was more like hostel. I found that they have one big common bathroom for all boys with patricians. Their mess area was also very big and it can accommodate 200 kids at a go. Then I saw their class rooms which were old but clean and the library was full of ethical and educational books.

I found that all the children have to follow certain rules in orphanage like have to wake up at 5 o’clock then at 5:30 am have to go for exercise, then 6 to 6:30 elder kids have to help in cleaning premises and taking care of young ones in getting ready. Then 7 o’clock is prayer time then breakfast is served. All the kids have to do basic work like cleaning the bed, washing own clothes and each one is given one pair of clothes of younger kids to wash. The classes starts at 7:30 am which finishes at 1:30 pm. The lunch is then served. On that day, I had lunch with them and I noted the food is very simple and with limited choice but hygienic. After lunch, there is free time for rest or play for 1 and half hours. Then there is study time from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm. Dinner time is 7:30 pm and bed time is 9:30 pm. All the kids have to follow the time table strictly.

I made so many friends there and played different games with them. I found that they don’t have any gadgets and they get chance to watch TV only in the evening for half an hour.

In the evening we decided to leave. I felt there was strong bonding between me and my new friends within short period. We exchange the postal addresses so we can be in touch by writing letter to each other.

Each and every moment I spent there were very heart touching because during every minute of stay, I was thinking that I am very lucky. After coming home, first I touch my parents’ feet to respect them for giving such a comfortable life. Then I went to temple to thank god for giving me this life and lovely family.

I am also grateful to my parents and my brother for giving the wonderful and unforgettable experience of my life. I could not have understood the importance of family so well if I have not met orphans.

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