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My Trip To Norway

“My Trip To Norway” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Maya Shah, The Oakridge School, USA.

My Trip To Norway

Have you ever been to a charming place with air that smells so clean and clear, that you can almost taste the fresh scent of pine in the air? I bet you haven't ever smelled air so fresh that you don’t think that the place has any smoky cars. Have you ever been out and about on a cold day, and came back to your lovely hotel only to smell the heavenly scent of rich hot cocoa? Also, can you imagine an enchanting place with so many vines and greenery you can’t see another beautiful color? Plus, have you seen a delightful place that has a quaint forest with the most beautiful and shy animals that you think that they have come out of a storybook. This almost unreal view includes a perfect lake. Well that’s your dream vacation, the amazing Norway.

In Norway, you will hear the rustling of the just sprouting leaves. The calming sound almost makes a song. Have you ever heard the pleasant sound of foamy waves lapping while kayaking a clear fjord? When you walk past little shops do you hear the crackling of a red fire? When you hike, do you feel the brisk air hugging your bare arms? This fantastic summer, I traveled to Norway for a vacation. I went with my wonderful mom, dad, and sister. I went to Norway to hike three rugged mountains. I know it’s hard to believe, but we ventured up three, 2,000 feet high mountains! I also went to see tourist attractions. When I was in Norway, I went bike riding around the unique city of Flám and felt my black hair stinging my face. The jagged rain on my legs and arms also hurt, but it was very enjoyable. In addition, during my favorite trip, I went on a boat ride and tasted the salty fjord water. Although, when I got back to my peaceful hotel, I had this bland rice dish. It was disgustingly unpleasant and it almost made me spit it out; though my dad got me a tangy lollipop ice cream after. I can’t forget to mention that I took the most beautiful train ride in the world. During the trip the train stopped for us to see a noisy waterfall. In this experience, I saw a tall, blonde haired, slim lady in a red dress dancing serenely near the waterfall. As a result, this expedition made great memories, but our time in Norway was much more than simply another family adventure.

During my Norway trip, I learned some valuable life lessons that made the trip more special. On this great trip, I climbed three mountains! I had never climbed one before! This trip taught me to enjoy the new things on your path of life as much as you can. Another excitement that took place during my trip was that we missed a bus for an excursion. Thankfully, the bus driver gave us an hour bus ride to catch our tour bus even though he was off his shift and wasn’t getting paid. The bus driver taught me a life lesson that you should try to help people as much as you can. While we were hiking, we had to climb this humongous mountain. It was very hard, but I strived and persevered and at the top it was beautiful. I hope you already know that the life lesson is that sometimes you have to go through hardships to attain success. When I saw the greenery on my trip, I was amazed and pondered the reason of this success. I grasped that it was so pretty because they didn’t tear it down and build on it, but they left it alone. So, I discovered the life lesson is that it is sometimes better to leave nature unadulterated. At the end of the trip, I understood that I had missed our regular, old schedule. I missed school, my bedroom, and waking up early in the morning. Truly, I was thankful to be home. Alas, I realized that normal is sometimes good. In Norway, I had a lot of fun, but the life lessons were also really important. Don’t you want to taste the rich taste of hot cocoa as you sit in a cafe with such a warm and kind ambience you don't ever want to leave? Well, if you do, then you should head on down to the kind, cool, and dreamy Norway. I bet you won’t regret it!

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