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My Little Brother – Shreshth “The Best”

“My Little Brother – Shreshth “The Best”” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Shreya Arora, St Francis de Sales Dchool, New Delhi, India.

My Little Brother – Shreshth “The Best”

I was an only child until my brother was born. For the Six and a half years of my life I was the center of attention. Everything I did was cute.

Then one day, out of the blue, that all ended. My Mom brought home this lump wrapped in a blanket. She laid it on the sofa. Everybody was all paying attention to the lump on the sofa and not to me.

One day my mom told me "This is Shreshth, your little brother, meaning of his name THE BEST." A little brother – The best? What was I supposed to do with a little brother? Why would you want another when you already have one? Mom then added "And you're his big Sister". A Big Sister? What was that? Somehow I was supposed to take on this new role called "Big Sister". What was that? Somehow I was supposed to take on this new role called "Big Sister". Did I audition for this role? No. Was there any training that went along with this role? No.

A few years passed and I finally settled into my role as "Big Sister" Besides being the "Big Sister" had its perks. It put me in charge. Everything I told "my brother" to do "my brother" gladly complied. He looked up to me for guidance because I was the "Responsible One" keeping him out of trouble. To him I was the "The Master of the Universe" and "The Master of the Universe" knows everything and had complete control of your life. I continued to play with my toys in the corner hoping that someone would realize this massive oversight and would again throw the focus of the Universe back on me.

One day, my friend Akshit and I were playing side and seek, for the some reasonwe were fighting on the stairs, grappling and throwing to each other. No one saw us only my brother was watching all this, suddenly he came to mid of us and was punched to Akshit on his head and chest & and told him leave my Didi (Sister). My little brother, who is almost seven years younger than me seemed really concerned for me. He called to mom and told her “please save my Di” & carried so much for me. After that day I tried to fill the role as Big Sister for my little brother – Shreshth (My best brother in the world).

Thank you for seeing what mom and dad couldn’t, and standing up for me everyone else wouldn’t. I love you Brother. My idol, my inspiration, my best friend – rolled into one.

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