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Murder at the Hotel

“Murder at the Hotel” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Aditya Garg, Mount Carmel School, India.

Murder at the Hotel

Chapter 1

Musty cold winds were blowing across the hustling and bustling streets of London. Pavements were covered with dry leaves marking the onset of autumn.Our infamous private detective Frank Kenway was taking a stroll around the city as usual, wearing his long black coat with a sheep leather hat on his head which resembled a fashion style dating to the 20’s. He was a curious, brave and intelligent person altogether, having acquired all the qualities required for his occupation. He worked with the local police force and helped them on tedious cases requiring acute observation. His famous statement was heard after every end of his never-ending line of cases, “no crime is a perfect crime”.

Many sought to replicate his dialogue but there was a mystical magic to his American accent. He was walking down the Halsbury lane when he saw a crowd assembled together at the high-profile hotel billington. He sensed the spark of curiosity ignite inside him and rushed towards the site. He saw familiar faces of his friends from the police department, he recognized chief Collig there, he waved to him signalling his presence. The chief told the officers to let him through and the detective made his way through the crowd. He was filled in on the information about the murder which had taken place at the hotel in room no. 207 last night, the man’s name was William Parcher, he was found dead in his bathtub covered with blood, his body was discovered by the cleaning lady who was there for picking up the laundry. Also, some heavy cash was also stolen. He was an important Swedish aristocrat who had come to London for some business purposes. He had no family except his much-loved dog Caesar who was present at the time of the crime. The detective thought for minute and replied, “then what are we waiting for let’s get to work”

Chapter 2

The curious detective examined the murder scene with suspicious and severe eyes. Taking out his big magnifier he inspected the victim’s body. “there are major bruises on his head he must have been hit with a large object” said the detective. In a flash he remembered that he had seen a broken lamp in the hall. Without telling the chief about his new lead he ran towards it. He inspected it and finds fingerprints all over it. The detective showed a huge smile and say’s “caught red handed”. The chief quickly got into action. “quickly send it to the lab” said the chief to his fellow colleagues. The detective went back to his house and hits the hay soon as he reached his comfy king-sized bed. The next day the detective is woken up by a phone call at 3:30 pm on the other end the voice said, “its chief Collig we ran the tests on all the worker’s and the staff but none of them was a correct match except some were of William himself”. The detective replied in a curious voice “I think this case has more to it”. He ran to the local police station where chief Collig and his colleagues were brainstorming. The chief greeted the detective and together they all started discussing about any leads they had got but all of them failed but the detective said that we know for sure that William had a struggle but tried to defend himself maybe he must have managed to at least scar the killer. Also, there were marks of blood in the hallway too let’s run a test on them, see if we can come up with some ideas. Later that day the results came and after matching it with the staffs and the workers there is a correct match with the same lady who had discovered the body Margret Dawson.

Chapter 3

They took miss Margret into the interrogation room. She was bombarded with questions in a sense of professionalism. She kept denying all the allegations on her, but the evidence was unbreakable. Finally, she sang like a bird. The motive and the involvement of another person in the murder was a shocking new perspective for all including our Mr. Smarty Pants, Frank.Also, Frank pointed out a scar on Margret’s left arm probably because of the fight which may have followed between her and the victim’s dog. Margret told that her ally was her brother. She said that they only did it because they had no money for attending to their personal needs and this seemed like an easy way out. Chief Collig sarcastically replied “not so very good and easy when you get caught”. Margret had full access to the room which helped her brother get inside, get hold of that lamp and get behind William to get ready for the assault. But somehow William got to know of it and defended himself just then Margret came in the room and stabbed William right into the gut. Chief Collig exclaimed that will be enough for the court. You have the right to remain …… just then frank said interrupted him and said,“I really should get going”. Well nonetheless I thank you again for your service good day. The detective is again woken up by the telephone. On receiving, he is greeted by chief Collig giving him another mystery to solve.

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