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Michael's Bravery

“Michael's Bravery” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Kartikay Singhal, Delia School of Canada, Hong Kong.

Michael's Bravery

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Michael. He studied in America and was very clever and caring. He helped everyone and made them happy. One day it was raining hard and it was time to go home, Michael had an umbrella but one of his friends was sick didn’t have one, and looked worried. He thought that he should help him by giving him his umbrella, when he was doing this his friend asked him, “If you give your umbrella to me, then how will you get home”. Michael said “I will manage but I want to help you first, so you won't get even sick”. His friend took the umbrella from him and walked away. Michael waited for the rain to stop but eventually had to go home, causing him to get wet.

The next day when he woke up he felt that something different in him. He tried to remember and found that God came to him in his dream and told him that he was giving him superpowers because he helped his friend who was sick. He was told to use super powers only to save and help someone. He was happy and then he went to school. When he arrived at school, his friend returned his umbrella and thanked him. He had fun and enjoyed school, where his teachers also appreciated him for his good work.

The next day, Michael hurried to school, as it was getting late. The students were in the classroom and were studying math when he entered. During that day the lock on the school’s entry gate was damaged and nobody including the security knew how it was damaged. While the students were studying, suddenly five prisoners entered the school campus due to the lock being damaged and the door opened. They first harmed the security guards at the entrance then went to the office area and made the other staff hostages. The students heard some noise and suddenly one of their teacher’s said lockdown three times on the speaker. The teacher of that classroom immediately closed the doors and windows and they hide themselves in their classroom. The students were scared but Michael wasn’t. The prisoners were heading towards the classrooms and suddenly they banged the door of Michael’s classroom, no one responded but as they heard noises inside they knew that there were students in it and, started to break down the door. When they succeeded they entered the classroom, where the students knelt in fear, that’s when their teacher came to protect them, but the goons harmed their teacher.

The students started shouting “help”. The bad guys yelled at them, which caused them to become more scared and start to cry and then one of the goons threatened the students and held one of Michael’s friends at gunpoint. The students stopped crying and became even more scared. Michael was thinking about how he could save his friend. That’s when he thought of God giving him superpowers to help everyone. He used his super powers to make the guy holding the child at gunpoint fall down and the other guy also fall, after he used his superpowers both of the goons became unconscious.

Michael then went down to the office to save the staff and teachers. When other bad guys saw him, they came to hit him, but Michael used his powers and harmed them and was able to protect the school. He called the cops and they came and took the prisoners. His friends and teachers were shocked after seeing his super powers. He told them how he got his superpowers, and after listening that everybody appreciated and thanked him.

The principal of the school gave him a Bravery Award for his bravery by saving the lives of many staff and students. Everybody applauded him when he received it, and also appreciated him. His parents and teachers said that they were proud of him. After all this, Michael learnt that helping others gives you happiness.

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