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Megan, Kate and the Wicked Witch

“Megan, Kate and the Wicked Witch” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Wong Lok Yee, Kau Yan School, Hong Kong.

Megan, Kate and the Wicked Witch

Kate and I had been hiking all day in the woods. The sun was starting to set, and I suggested that we headed back. I agreed that it was a good idea. We looked around for some trail makers. However, we couldn't find any. "Oh, no!" I said, starting to panic. "Megan, we're lost! And we don't even have a flashlight! What should we do?" said Kate with a trembling voice.

We were very nervous because we're lost. "It is almost night. We should build a small hut, and make a campfire." I suggested. So I found some sticks and leaves and started building a hut. Kate collected some sticks and tried to make a campfire. At last, we couldn't make a hut or campfire either. "It's all your fault!" Kate complained. "It's already night and we have nowhere to sleep! If we tried to find a hut or a better shelter, we would have already been comfortable!" "Okay, Kate, just calm down! I know it's my fault but you don't have to be that mad. Let's just sleep here and talk about it tomorrow." I tried to clam her down. She agreed and we went to sleep.

The next day we got up and tried finding a better shelter. Suddenly, we saw a creepy looking house and decided to go in at last. There were spider webs in the house. They made it look spookier. "Um... Kate... Look behind you!" I called. Kate turned around and saw a shadow creeping towards us. That was when we saw a tall figure standing in front of us. "Well, what have we got here? Looks like we've got visitors!" the figure exclaimed. "Monsters! Come out to deal with these two bratty kids!" She demanded. We looked outside and saw trees turning into monsters, lunging at us. We finally found out that the scary figure was a witch! "What should we do? What should we do? I'm so frightened" Kate shrieked. "Don't panic! I have a great idea!" I called. "What?" Kate asked. "Run!" I yelled. We raced out of the house immediately. "Don't tell this to anybody! Or else I'll kill you!" the witch screeched.

Soon we arrived at a river. Kate accidentally fell into the river and the water splashed onto the monsters. They yelled in pain and backed off a few steps. Kate suggested, "Megan, jump into the river! I've discovered that they're afraid of the water!" So I jumped into it and swam to the other side, so did she. But then we saw the witch flew after us on her bloom. She ordered wolves to attack us. A wolf with blood-red eyes ran towards Kate and bit her hand. She saw the wolf biting on her and fainted. The witch turned Kate into an evil witch and made her awake. Kate's eye turned red and she had wings like a bat. She flew towards me and tried to kick me. But I quickly dodged. She and the witch snarled and chased after me. Then I spotted a pond. I splashed water on Kate. She finally recognized me. She flew to the witch and killed her with all her strength. The witch changed into hundreds of tiny bats and was gone. Kate fell onto the ground. She seemed like she was dying too. "Kate! Are you alright?" I asked nervously. "I... am. I'll soon in heaven, always watching you. When you need me, look up to the sky. I'll always be there for you," Kate smiled. When she finished her sentence, she died, lying lifelessly.

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