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Man vs Bee

“Man vs Bee” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Special Stephen, RA International School, Bonny Island, Nigeria.

Man vs Bee

Long time ago, there were human and bees. Bees and humans were serious enemies. The humans would steal honey from the bees and we usually sting the humans as revenge. My name is Johnny Sting and I live in a small town in Tokyo Japan. One day, the queen bee gathered all the able bees including my dad. She told them to go and fight the humans and to sting as many humans as possible. The humans had the upper hand because every bee has one weakness and that is insecticide. The soldier bees fought and stung a lot of humans and the humans also killed a lot of our soldier bees.

My dad sacrificed himself to save the queen bee. After the queen bee almost encountered death, she did the panicked and evacuated. When I hear the story of what happened to my dad I went on my knees and I started crying {because my mom and my brothers are dead and my dad was the only person I had, now he also dead}. My best friend Benny Venom whose father also died in the war, came and told me “it is ok, we will have revenge on them.” I replied “Ok we will have our revenge but first we have to train and know what the humans hate and like so we can use it against them and I think we need an army if we are going to win that fight and we will do all this when we are 18 years old, {that is the only time it is legal to use your stings} so we will not be arrested. For this eight more years we will only be planning how we will attack.” Eight years later, we developed an android which was as big as a human being and it was a killing machine which only hunts humans.

When he gets a human it will sting it until the human dies. Benny and I went to ask the queen bee we can borrow her army and she replied, “Yes.” Benny built sharper, stronger and more powerful weapons and I built an armour that doesn’t allow insecticide acids to enter it. After that we then asked ourselves how we can sneak up on the humans. Flower Bee said “what about an ambush?” Then I said “it might work.” After that Benny said “That will work.” So we all hid in a bush and waited for the humans to step in that bush. The humans set traps in the bushes and then all the bees were caged. Benny then had a conversation:

Me: This is all my fault.

Benny: It is not your fault, the humans started it and there must be a spy somewhere in our hive because how did the humans know that we were going to ambush them?

Me: The spy must be the Honey bee.

Benny: How?

Me: Start with, yesterday I saw honey bee going to a human’s house and told the human the ambush.

Benny: No wonder they know everything about us.

Me: It is time to get out of this cage.

Benny: How do you intend on doing that?

Me: If a little help from our cousins the wasps. Wasps please come and help us!!!

I started hearing buzzing sounds. We saw the wasps and they let us out of the cages. I then used my remote control to control the killing machine android and we used it to chase away the humans. The battle was tough and a lot of our cousins were killed in the process of this battle but at the end we won the war. Many years past, and the queen bee fell sick and died. We did another election and I won I became president while Benny was vice president. The Honey bee was banished and never to be seen again. I then renamed the place to the giant honey factor and everybody lived happily ever after.

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