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Magic Door

“Magic Door” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Nehir Sade Erdogan, Mev College Private Ankara Secondary School, Turkey.

Magic Door

One day, a curious girl was lived with her family. There were four members in this family. They also had a puppy. Its name was Doggy. It was a happy family. By the way, the name of the girl was Dove. They had to move because Dove’s family moved out. Dove and her family were living on a planet and their house was outside the city. She found a note beneath her seat like a scribbling note. It drew her attention. She tried to read the note secretly from her family. But the writing were so scribbled that it was almost unreadable. She understood something. It was a marked place behind the paper. There were also a riddle and an address. The thing that amazed her that the address was their new home.

Meanwhile, in the riddle “under the board of a long burning seven” was written. By the way, Doggy was looking at something to eat. Dove was just waiting for the plane land on. Then, the plane landed on. After the plane landed, everyone in the house placed their belongings in their rooms they went. So, Dove fell asleep. Dove looked around when she woke up the next day. Doggy was looking at her. Doggy followed Dove to the stairs. She forgot to take the note with her. Then she went down and went to the kitchen. Her mother had already prepared the breakfast. Her father was leaving the house to go to work. Her brother was still sleeping . Dove went to the kitchen and put a sandwich in her bag and headed to the door to get out of the house. She informed her mother and left the house.

Dove looked around after she left the house. The house of Dove was at the beginning of the forest. There were only 3 houses in this neighbourhood. After 2,000 metres, there was a market. People prefered to live on those sides. At the the beginning of the forest she rested a little bit by the beach. Then she took the sandwich out of her bag and started to eat. Then, she saw two children walking towards her. The names of the children were Sofia and Carlos. They were trying to go after birds and catch them. It was really funny to watch these efforts Dove said “I’m Dove and I moved here.” Carlos and Sofia asked immediately. ”Did you move here?” ”Do you want to be friends with us?’’ They asked questions like Dove said: ”I think I can trust you” Carlos and Sofia gazed. Dove took a bite from the sandwich in her hand and put it back in her bag. She ran to the forest with her friends. They sat under a tree and Dove started to speak. She told everything she knew about the note. They believed in what they heard. Dove mentioned it again.”I have to find the place which is written on the note and then she asked her friends ”Can you help me?” They immediately accepted and they started to solve the puzzle. Dove said:”According to the address here this green area is the part of puzzle.’’ Sofia said: ”There is place in the forest or under a tree. Carlos made a joke : ”Is there an ant country?” Carlos was the only one who was smiling.“We can find this board to find that place.’’ Dove ,bCarlos and Sofia became a super team. The children talked to each other and they decided. Next morning all the preparations were done to go to search for the place written in the puzzle. Everyone was sleeping when she left home. Dove put a note on the table and she left. She met her friends at the beginning of the forest. They would meet at 8 o’ clock. At 8 o’clock, everybody packed their own bags and went to the forest.

There was a whisper on the top of the mountain.They were walking to the place where they wanted to go. Dove was looking around. There weren’t any clues. She took the note and looked at it again. Suddenly, a leaf from a tree fell on the paper. Everyone was surprised. Then, Doggy got out from the bag. Dove and his friends didn’t know what Doggy was doing in there but they understood that it could help them. Doggy sniffed the flower immediately. Doggy started to run.The children were running after Doggy. Those flowers were huge. The children looked around. Suddenly, Sofia looked at a tree which was far away. The tree was different from the other trees. They went near the tree. They heard a metallic voice when they knocked the tree. Doggy sat under the tree. Dove saw a hidden button near Doggy. It looked like a tree branch.

Suddenly, Carlos pressed the button and a ladder appeared. The ladder started to descend. They saw seven doors at end of the road. It looked like the place written on the note. The doors were made of wood. There was a note on each door. On the first door it was written ‘a Parallel Universe’. On the second door it was written ‘A World Tour’. On the third door it was written ‘A House’. On the fourth door it was written ‘Galaxy’. On the fifth door it was written ‘Underground’. On the sixth door it was written ‘Galaxy’s Black Hole’. On the seventh door it was written ‘Bermuda Triangle’.They were very interesting. Doors were frightful except the one on the house. They tried to open that door. They opened the door written ”A house” on it. They found themselves at Dove’s house.

That was very interesting. They were back where they started. They went back there and picked up all the gates. Then locked them up in a box. These doors were kept secret. They had all adventurous notes and then they went to her grandfather who was very curious about mysterious scenes.

He was an explorer. He put that note there. Dove was very happy to learn that. She had very beautiful and adventurous days with his friends and his grandfather.

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