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“Love” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Nurova Ailana Asylzhanovna, Nazarbaev Intellectual school of Pavlodar City, Kazakhstan.


Severe frost. There was nobody on the streets. I think they all are in their good, warm, cozy houses. What about me? I am temporarily staying at a half -burnt, rotten house with my 2 brothers and my mommy. It’s so freezing here and to make things worse, that we haven’t been eating for 2 days. Thus, my mom has gone to find food and all we can do is waiting for her. All of a sudden, she came back with little food and we happily began eating, but I noticed that my mom is not going to eat with us. I tried to make her eat, however she has refused me.

It was so dark outside, so after having food, we went to sleep. We snuggled up in our bed and I have been already going to fell asleep and then suddenly I heard wrenching of mommy's stomach. I got up and gave her some little bread which I have hidden for her.

-Mom, please, take bread. I don't want you to be hungry, I insisted.

Fortunately, she took it and started eating. I felt over the moon!

-Thank you, son. You are a good boy.

-Mom, you don't have to thank me. I must take care of you like you take care of us.

At that moment her eyes looked sad but she hid it from me. I will always remember that look. The glanced her full of love, sincerity and care…

Some time has passed since that episode of my life. Spring has come. My favorite season of the year. Now I can play with my brothers outside, because it's not so cold. Although something unusual has happened to my elder brother. He stopped playing with us and he often went somewhere for a long time. He always came back at midnight. We felt worried about him, but we even don’t expect something bad.

One night he just hasn’t come. We don’t know where he is, but we exactly know he's gone forever. Despite this fact, I have tried to find him on the same day, because I don't want him to disappear from my life or just because I love him so much. Frankly, while I have been looking for him I started to remember all moments that we spent together. He has taught me how to walk and how to protect myself. He always helped and supported me in happy and sad moments. I'll believe till the end that he will return one day. I don't want to admit this cruel reality.

Summer came. I stopped thinking about him. Our lives keep going without him. The 3 of us enjoy the nice weather and every day we go to the park, chat with others and go fishing in a pond. I wish summer could last forever. It's a time when you are carefree. Run, frolic, laugh, live and dream. I can hear my mom's and brother's laughter. I can see my mom's smiling and brother’s playing the games. I wish I could freeze this time. Really, if only I could.

One morning we went to the park as always. I and my little brother decided to play peek-a-boo. He ran away and I counted until 20. 10 seconds later, I heard him screaming. I and mom reached him as fast as possible. He was surrounded by several villains.

-Get your brother and run away!

-No, I can't leave you.

-Sweetheart, please, do what I have said.

-B-but ….

-I love you both.

At this moment I and my little brother just left her alone and got away.

-Mommy, look! One cat is against several dogs. A cat is in a grave danger. .We must help!

-Nancy, stay out of it. Don't pay any attention to them. Cats and dogs are enemies forever.

-But, mom…!

-Don't be loud, Nancy!

We didn't look back as we run away.

-Be here. I will go to the park again.

-I will go with you. Mom's waiting for us both.

-You be here! Do not argue with me.

My little brother became angry, however, noded his head.

I rushed off to mom.

I got paralyzed. I've seen a horrific scene. Her body is totally bitten. She was covered in blood. She was bleeding from her stomach. Her intestines were hanging out.

I don't even notice that I am sobbing. How do I tell little brother that our mother is dead? Why has happened? I am so scared, almost terrified. This is all my fault.

-Sorry, mom, sorry!!! I am so sorry! Mom don't leave us alone as an elder brother did. Mom, mom! M-mommy???

-M-O-M-M-Y. Mother is a very important person in every child's life. Mom is the dearest and the closest person. She does everything for us without asking for anything in return. Her heart is full of unconditional love, sincere dedication and support, her heart has many scars but she never tells how she got them.

You know, we cannot pay back to the mother no matter what we do.

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