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Life after the Death

“Life after the Death” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Mila Myla, Lozova gymnasium, Ukraine.

Life after the Death

Have you ever thought about the importance of your life? When everyone can see, feel, hear you...

I was an ordinary teen in my 15. My name was Adora Metchington. I lived in California and, like all students, I attended High School in my town. Oh, I have almost forgotten to mention about the name of the city. I lived in Santa-Monika. Maybe you think that I’m crazy, because how people could feel and exist after their own death. Yeah, it is really unusual for others but not for me.

I was only 12 when the doctors found out my terrible illness. I was sick with cancer. My parents were very sad. I can’t forget about fluid in the lungs. It was awful time to remember for me and my parents. One spring day I disappeared from their life.

I felt myself really good, because the feeling of healthy body is really cute. I was very surprised that I could still see, move, hear, feel others, but they couldn’t do same thing with me. I was very happy for the first five days, but today is the thirteenth day after my death. The date is May 12, 2015 and I really feel myself not comfortable. I‘ve decided to go to my school. It is very interesting for me to see their emotions and feelings.

When I was alive I had 2 friends. They were Barbara and Cavin. He was my boyfriend. And today I’m going to come back to school and see their reaction to my death. In spite of the fact that I’m not alive, I can dress up and make up myself. Why not? It is cool. I worry about this meeting, because I’m afraid that they are happy and they don’t remember me. I know that a lot of my classmates didn’t understand and hated me because of my illness. So I have already dressed up and I am ready for school.

It’s 12 p.m. on my clock now. I am going out of corridor and what I see, Cavin is kissing Lolita. Lolita was the head hater. I feel myself like emptiness in Cavin’s life. It seems to me that he has never loved me. I am very angry. But I really want to see Barbara and set off to the room of biology. You can ask me: “Why?” Because, as a rule, she spent 80% of time in that classroom. She is very upset. I understand that she’s been my true friend. I decided to go to the park. It was our favorite place with Cavin. But I was late. There is Lolita with Cavin. I realized that I dedicated a great piece of my life to some people who didn’t appreciate it. I could say more warm words to my parents and pay more attention to the friends in need. I can’t see my mum and dad now. It hurts me too much.

My soul is flying but my body is in the hospital. I don’t remember how my life ended; I remember only regular attacks of fluids in my lungs. I am going to the hospital to check how my body is looking now.

It is very comfortable to be the soul in different situations. For example, when I want to cross the road I can do it anytime, because the car can’t hit me. I’m in the hospital in a few seconds. Now I see myself lying on the desk in the morgue. It is terrible. The soul can be free for only first three months. After that I will meet my angel and my devil. It is so interesting and exciting. I can’t believe that in two months my life will change again. I will spend with them only nine days and after that they will decide my future destination. Now I don’t have even the least chance to change anything.

No doubt, life after death is strange. I always think how it is terrible when nobody can touch you. I have been sure that my friends will always remember me. It’s pity that somebody has forgotten. Despite that fact that I’m a soul, I can feel and I can’t say that my feelings are happy.

In conclusion, I want to say that all people in our life make mistakes. Nobody knows when his life finishes. So, it is very important to be wise nowadays. We have to forget everything bad, that someone has made. We should always remember about the relatives who are not alive. They were in our life, and they could stay in. Forever. Think about that. I hope my story will help you to understand how important is to keep memories in our hearts…

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