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Khalifa Kamar

“Khalifa Kamar” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Muadh Mustapha, RA International School, Bonny Island, Nigeria.

Khalifa Kamar

Khalifa Kumar is a boy who schools in Memorial Secondary School in London. He has two brothers Karim and Khalil. It was time for their vacation and Khalifa and his family were travelling to Huawei. Khalifa and his brothers were eager to go to Huawei.

It was the day of travelling to Huawei. Khalifa went to London Airport and flew in American Airways. They left London at 10:00am and landed 5:00pm. When Khalifa came out of the plane he was shocked. He saw a very big airport and it was hot in Huawei. Khalifa was so hot that he removed his jacket. They went to a very big hotel. It had most of the things Khalifa liked. He mostly loved the fishing pond.

The next day Khalifa wanted to go to the pond. He did all the things he was supposed to do and asked his dad to allow him but his dad said, No! His father said no because he hadn’t have anything. He went to have food by 11:00am while the time was 8:50pm.It was a long time before breakfast. Khalifa waited for long and then it was time for breakfast. Khalifa ate his food very fast. When he finished he asked his father again. His father said he could go but he had to come back by 2:00pm. His elder brother Karim wanted to follow him so that he would be safe.

Khalifa, Karim and others went to the fishing pond and started fishing. Khalifa fetched a treasure chest. It could not open without a key. There was a map where the key was. It was around the hotel and he had to pass through many places. The key was at the end of the hotel somewhere.

Everybody first went to the Golf bar. There was a test before he could go to the next place. He had to play table football against someone. He looked for someone and saw a boy called Diego. Khalifa started to play and won by luck; the score was 8-7. Then they went to the Golf Course and they had to look for 10 balls. He got the 10 balls. After that he used them to break a glass. Khalifa broke the glass. He then went to the sand pitch and looked for the key. He searched everywhere then he saw the sign of a key. He dug where the key was and so found the key. He took it, ran back to where the treasure was, opened the treasure and took all the things inside.

When Khalifa returned to school he told his friends what happened but the friends didn’t believe him. They even thought it was a dream. It was Khalifa’s best vacation.

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