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Kaviya and her Family

“Kaviya and her Family” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Kamalesh, Malaysia.

Kaviya and her Family

There was a girl named Kaviya in a town. She was living with her family. The family of this girl was pleasant. . But her brother was bad. One day, her brother went outside at 4.00pm but he never come back until 9.00pm.Kaviya and her family scared and went to the police station. They reported that he never come to house. The police officers took action. After they report, they went to their house.

The police officers were finding Kaviya’s brother like ‘a dog is finding for food’. They have seen in all countries but they can’t find him. The case became very serious. Kaviya and her family were very sad. One day, Kaviya went to her friend’s house. While she was going, she saw a scariest clown. She saw the clown in the drain. She saw him and ran away to her friend’s house. She told the issue to her friend. They went to their other friend’s house. They told this story to the friend.

The three people were scared. One day, they went to the playground to play slide. While they were playing, the clown have come there and said ‘Ha, Ha, Ha ” I have killed your brother. Do you know that Kaviya. Kaviya cried like a baby. After that, they have run from the place to their house. They told to their parents. Their parents laughed because they taught that they have dreamed about that. But the children’s saying that ‘I’m saying the truth “do you know that we are saying the truth asked children’s to their parents.

One night, the clown went to the police station and killed the police officers. The children’s saw the issue in the newspaper and told to their parents. The parents also believed what said by the children’s. The three children plan to chase the clown. One day, they went to a quite place for plan to chase the clown. The place was very scary. After 6 hours they have packed their things and went out of the place. Suddenly, Kaviya ate a tablet. The tablet has felt down. She was thinking to take the tablet. Suddenly, the clown came and take the tablet and give to Kaviya.

She saw the clown and screamed and ran away with her two friends. The clown chased them. While they were running, they saw Kaviya’s brother. But that s not her brother that is the clown because the clown is a ghost.

Suddenly, Kaviya’s brother changed into the clown. They ran to their house. Lastly, they went to the clown’s house. The clown came to kill them but they have seen the clown and they took a knife and killed the clown. But the clown didn’t die. After that, Kaviya run to the house and take a saw. She came to the clown’s house and killed the clown with the saw.

Finally, they have killed the clown and went to their house happily. But Kaviya was sad because her brother already died. That was a scariest day but they have a proud from the villagers. They were very happy.

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