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Junior Spy's

“Junior Spy's” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Mishthi Chand, Millennium School Panipat, India.

Junior Spy's

Summer Holiday was started. Tiana wake up in the morning with the large smile on her face. She got up and opened the windows, the grace of sunlight touched her face and Tiana moved for a bath then a voice come “Dear Tiana ……breakfast is ready”. Tiana’s mother Mrs. Shearwood a well known lady in her society, Tiana came down and have a breakfast “Thanks mother, I am going outside”. Mother replied “As you wish dear Tiana”. She moved out and started wishing everyone “Good Morning, Mr. Hook, Hello Ant Liza, O Hi Sofia I will wish that we meet again, Great morning Snafurd uncle”. On the way she met her friend Zoi and Kerry and asked them to play. All three friends moved to house of Lara and called her and they also asked James for playing. All five friends went to city park. They started discussing about what to play.

A strange man came and asked “Where is Jeremy house?” Kerry said “that richest man in society he is very bad, but why are you asking for him?” He replied very badly “Its non of your business, you fool dod you want to be in trouble, so tell me”. Kerry said “sososoSorry he lived in big Bunny Township, Woof”. Tiana said “Who was that very rude man”. Sofia said, “I think a relative, effect of generation”. All friends laughed and went back to home but Tiana is thinking something that, why that man is very cruel and she has never seen him in their city. When she reached at home, her mother called her and said “Tiana listen that”. Tiana said, “What mother?” The news was coming on T.V. that the richest man Jeremy died due to an accident, he was fall from his house terrace. Tiana said, ”What but how it is possible”. Mother said, “What you are giggling in yourself, let me hear the news”. This incident was happen at 2óclock in the morning, Tiana thinks that the strange man also came 1:50 or 1:55 something and asking for Jeremy’s house. If he was going to Jeremy’s house why he couldn’t stop him, I think it’s not an accident, but it’s a murder.

After this incident she always think about strange person and Jeremy death and always think why it’s happen that it’s seriously a relation or a revenge, O God please solve this mystery. Next day Tiana told this news to all the friends. Suddenly James came and said, “Friends did you know that strange man is cousin of Jeremy, his name is Stifun. And the property of ten corers will go to Stifun.” Sofia said, “What”. Then Tiana said, “Ok ok, now I understood this matter”. For the property Stifun killed Jeremy as there is no child or any real brother and sister so, it’s simple that the whole property will go to Stifun as he is Jeremy’s first cousin. Then Zoi said, “Yes you are correct so let’s go to police station.” Kerry said, “But we are not having any proof and we are not sure that he is only the criminal.” Sofia said, “Yes you are right so let’s go to hospital for body’s postmortem report. So all friends move to hospital and they asked for report and the nurse said, “Sorry kids but we do not have the body’s postmortem report. Tiana said, “What, but why? Are you sure that it’s an accident not a murder”. Nurse said, “It’s not in our control”. Sofia said, “To whom permission you stop this process. Nurse said, “Because his cousin Stifun said to stop it”. James said, “Why he does so? But we are not sure that it’s an accident or a murder”. Nurse said, “Kids I think you should talk to police”. So all the friends went to police station and Tiana said, “Police uncle could you help us, we are in a big problem”. Police said, “Yes kids why not?” So Tiana said, “Uncle I think the death of Jeremy is not an accident it’s a murder case”. So the police man said, “What! Are you sure?” So Tiana said, “No we are not but, we are having some proof that uncle. When we were playing a stranger came and asked very rudely that where is Jeremy’s house and we told him, so then I return back to home and I hear that Jeremy is dead and I was shocked and a question was arising in my mind that the man was asking for Jeremy at the time 1:50pm and 2:00 O’clock the news came that Jeremy is dead and second clue is next day James came and told us that the stranger was Stifun and third proof what was Stifun doing there when Jeremy is falling from the terrace and why Stifun refused for postmortem of body”. The police man said, “Yes you are right you are having many proofs but why he will do so?” Tiana said, “It’s simple only for the property as there is no real brother or sister or any child, so all the property will go to his first cousin Stifun only proof”. Zoi said, “Ok uncle, but can you send spy team for helping us?” The police man said, “Ok kids, so we can start it from tomorrow”. So all the kids went back to home.

The next day, they all went to Jeremy’s home for search of clues. By asking in colonies in this only they spent 3 hours. Then Tiana said, “Where is the shirt which was worn by Jeremy that day”. So they went to his home and take that shirt from his servant and now they are having one proof of finger prints because if Stifun pushed Jeremy so the finger prints should be on the shirt. When they are checking CCTV camera’s footage they found a recording that Jeremy is falling from the terrace of his house and a man was standing on the terrace with black shirt and then Sofia said, “That stranger also wearing a black shirt, did you remember Tiana?” Then they all went to Stifun’s house and asked Stifun that which colour shirt he was wearing that day. But he said, “I was wearing a light blue shirt”. But they don’t believe on him and checked the footage of him on nearest shop’s CCTV camera and he was wearing a black colour shirt only and now they are having two proofs against him. But they want more proofs. So James said, “Let’s go to Jeremy’s house if Stifun is standing there so there should be his shoes prints. So they went there and collected footprint of Stifun’s shoes. And when they were checking Jeremy’s house Kerry find a blood stained knife. So when they matched blood group it’s of Jeremy. So Tiana said, “it’s means, Stifun first killed Jeremy and then he pushed him from the terrace OMG, what kind of man Stifun is?” and they also found fingerprints of Stifun’s on knife’s holder and now they are having four proofs. So the court management called Stifun and kids with the proofs in court and then Stifun said, “I am not the culprit, Jeremy is like my real brother, I think it should be his servant as he always fights with Jeremy to double up his salary, so in anger he pushed Jeremy from the terrace”. So Tiana said, “OMG how smart you are? You are a white liar, because we are having many proofs against you Mr. Stifun, because we are smarter than you, you just done the murder of Jeremy and do not think about yourself, you left all the proofs of murder POOR STIFUN………. ok Zoi showed all recordings, fingerprints, blood stained knife, footprints and why he do so, we have spent seven days to collect these proofs and these are not fake”. After analyzing all the proofs the court decided to punish Stifun and announced life time imprisonment for him and decided to donate property in orphan children charity. And court is thankful to the five children and awarded them on the basis of bravery and courage. Their parents and society members are proud of them.

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