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Jack the Pirate

“Jack the Pirate” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Ali Damani, Almuntazir Boys Primary School, Tanzania.

Jack the Pirate

There was once a boy called Jack and his parents were very rich. On April 4, 2001, they had decided to go on a boat trip. They went on their luxurious boat through the Pacific Ocean. Jack was just 6 months old when this happened. He was sleeping in the cabin of the boat.

On the way, a group of pirates had captured their ship and Jack’s parents were forced to walk the plank and the sharks ate them. Jack however, was taken by the pirates. Then he grew up under the care of the pirates. They taught Jack how to use a knife, use a vine to swing from one ship to the other, and how to make people walk the plank.

They used to make him sweep the deck, clean the knives, swords and he used to put the prisoners in the dungeon. He and his pirate mates have captured a lot of ships. They had captured almost twenty ships; huge and tiny. Jack had two friends and he used to ask them, who his father was, but they weren’t allowed to tell him and if they did the pirates would kill their parents. One day when they were looting a ship, one of his friends told him that he would tell Jack about his parents. He told Jack that he belonged to a rich family. Jack was very shocked about the news he had just heard. He told his friends that they should escape. Jack was just twenty years old, his friends were just eighteen years old. That night at two a.m., they escaped while all the pirates were sleeping. They took a stolen ship and sailed away from the pirate’s ship. Jack wanted to avenge his parents' death.

The pirates wanted to kill Jack and his friends for their treacherous deed after all they did for him. They were all furious and mad at each other. They both made their plots to kill one another. Jack had only his two loyal friends with him, and they vowed never to leave his side even in the face of death they would stand together, while the pirates on the other hand had approximately twenty men. Jack and his friends had plotted to take the pirates head on, but first they had to find food and water. They parked their boat on an island called Ram Battle Island where they found some fruits and drank coconut water. Then they went in search of treasure and they found a chest filled with gold. Jack and his friends went to the market and bought food and a lot of amour and big and expensive weapons.

The next morning, Jack and his friends went straight to the pirate’s huge ship. Jack went head on against the pirate’s captain while his friends held off the captain’s crew. As Jack’s friends held off the captain’s crew, the captain’s crew slowly tripped into shark infested waters. Even though Jack wasn’t an experienced swordfighter he still had the upper hand against the captain. Although the captain was strong he wasn’t strong enough to defeat Jack. At last, Jack had thrown away the captain’s sword and made him walk the plank and he fell into the shark infested waters and died. Jack and his mates ceased the ship, freed the prisoners and took over the “SEVEN SEA’S.”

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