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Into the Wild

“Into the Wild” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Ayman Azan, Almuntazir Boys Primary, Tanzania.

Into the Wild

There once lived a man named John Walker, he was a war veteran who made a living out of street fights he always won in wars.

On his next fight he fought someone as big as the hulk and he got beat up. After the match he was called by his manager and he told him, “Bring your money in 2 weeks or I will kill you!” John walked back home but remembered it was his manager’s house, he sat on the pavement confused but soon realized he was being watched.

A stranger approached John and told him that he heard about what he had done and he had a solution to bet with his friends if he can get someone to stay in a jungle for 6 days and survive he will have enough money to fix Johns problems and set him for life john he doesn’t believe it. John asked why he was helping him the stranger said that he also gets profits from the deal.

The next morning he woke up to see the stranger waiting for him. The stranger said that his name was Steve. Steve told John that he was going to be given supplies for 3 days only, the rest John will have to rely on other sources. Get ready pack your bag... Steve saw a helicopter landing and told John to board it he gives him a machete for defense.

John was told to put on a parachute they were going to fly him above the jungle and he was supposed to jump out and open his parachute Steve watched a bit as John glided in the air then the helicopter flew away and John landed on the trees then quickly fell to the ground he had small cuts on his arms John quickly got up and started to collect firewood and rocks and made circle of rocks. He put firewood in the middle and started to make friction with the wood and rock.

After what it seemed like ages finally the wood caught fire. It was already dark when the wood caught fire he made a pillow of leaves and he quickly fell asleep but as he slept he felt like he was being watched by someone. John woke up at 2:00 o’clock and had his breakfast he started wandering around leaving directions etched into the trees as he was wandering around he heard something in the bushes he realized he was being stalked.

After John stopped walking he started listening and heard an animal growling suddenly a wolf jumped out of the bush but John dodged it and swinged his machete at the wolf. But it hit it on the legs and the wolf pounces on you pins John down and your face is inches away from the wolfs jaw and you reach for your machete and stab the wolf in the stomach the wolf drops dead blood spilling from his guts John got on his feet.

After 2 days John realized his supplies have finished and quickly s went to hunt some rabbits on his way back. John stumbled onto a river he took his water container and filled it with water and started drinking before he left he filled it again then went back following his directions. The sun was setting when he reached the place where he landed had been using the parachute as a blanket he cooked the rabbits and drank some water then slept when he woke up Steve was waiting for him Steve told John to follow him where the helicopter had landed on the way to the helicopter Steve told you that he had paid the manager you told him everything that had happened when you return you are taken to your new home he gives John his money John never had to work again.

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