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His World

“His World” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Asna Shafeeqa N, International Indian School, Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

His World

“Man came, he saw, he conquered. But I came, I didn’t need to bother anything and I possessed almost everything even before I came. And so, when I came I possessed the earth. But, man didn’t know this, he thought he was rather intellectual creating me. He was foolish enough to destroy all his means of living, he destroyed the earth, his home, his world, his planet. And it took him hundreds of years to realize and regret his mistakes.

Little did he know that I was a hundred times powerful and brainier than him. Being my master he gave me a lot of knowledge and freedom. And when a servant possess more knowledge and is given more liberty and importance, it will be the time for the master’s fall. May be that was his mistake, because of which the fall struck him. Or maybe his pride and arrogance of his inventions that innovated the meaning of life was its cause.

I heard him once say, “Here we have the all-knowing genius of the world – Mark Zurich”.

And I was introduced to this world. I am Mark Zurich, the first ever all-knowing robot, made without any errors. Probably that made man feel superior. But in fact that wasn’t the truth. I was the most knowledgeable on his planet.

Slowly, because of man’s sins, Mother Nature lost her patience. She couldn’t bear the torture man forced on her – she started to deteriorate. And all those times, instead of taking the measures to save her, man was busy planning to start life in another planet leaving the earth behind. How ungrateful he was! He started building satellites, sent man to space in search of some other planets with the earth’s comfort. Yet, he was unsuccessful.

Then he needed the time to react to all the serious damage he caused. The earth was shattered. The ozone had become like a sieve. The carbon-di-oxide released from all his inventions warmed up the earth to such an extent that the glaciers started to melt and the coastal regions went under the oceans. The oxygen level in nature had gone down and man had to wear oxygen masks.

It seemed as though he did not expect all this to happen. And so, man began to think, what was the use of inventing new things which helped to live, if he couldn’t live? Even though it was too late, he realized the meaning of life. It was to live happily with what you have, but he was greedy and this was the reason which led to his destruction.

The time came and so we, the man - made objects, took over the earth andare living here as the only evidence of our masters. Now the earth is ours!”

I finished my speech and was every glad to see my parents and my teachers, along with the audience give a thunderous applause. It was 22nd April– the Earth day, and I had just completed my speech on the theme – ‘The greatest enemies of mother nature and earth are humans.’ I always thought that inventions were necessary, but it shouldn’t harm the earth in any way. Because it is our home, our world, our planet.

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