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Heaven of Earth-Mother’s womb

“Heaven of Earth-Mother’s womb” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by G.Areezh Wafiqah, Trillium Public School, Bangalore, India.

Heaven of Earth-Mother’s womb

It was a beautiful day of my school, my lovable teacher is briefing about “Transportation and Destination”.

I was very eager to seek many doubts related to moving from one place to another by modern transport, because my doubt is whether we can move to anywhere wherever we wish and come back to same location where we started. My teacher said “yes, it’s possible, nowadays even in space also our new technology helps to travel anywhere and come back where we started”. I was so excited about our modern transport and technologies.

On the same day evening when I was looking to my childhood photograph at my leisure time, my mother shared her old memories about me how I did naughty when I was a born baby, I said I would like to go back to all these places and need to take photographs.

Now I am crossing my baby showering photos, my mother shared her beautiful recollection when I was in her womb, like jumping, scratching makes her laugh when she was alone and she said it was a remarkable memory. Suddenly I got a spark that when I was in my mother’s womb how safe I am, and no one can touch or affect or hurt me. It was like a paradise.

Next day I had a chat with my teacher, I raised the same question which I asked earlier “Teacher can we move and come back to anywhere where ever we wish”, My teacher said “Yes my child, I already explained to you about this question”. I asked “can we get into our Mother womb?” My teacher asked “child, why did you ask this question”? I said “yesterday I had a chance of seeing born baby pictures of mine. My mother shared her beautiful memories when I was in her womb, the way she explained to me was that it was in the most and un-comparable safest place in the entire world.” Based on this I came to a conclusion that we can travel to anywhere and we can come back also. But we cannot get back to our mother womb. After Death, we are ending our life in earth and moving to paradise a place where there is no enemy, no hurt feelings, only happy and safe god has given another paradise in earth that is our mother womb”.

My teacher got happy tears and kissed me and said “dear you have a wonderful mother and you are the only world to her. You will be safe in her hand, so don’t leave her hand.”

I reached home and shared the total conversation with my mother that I had with my teacher, my mother was unable to speak a single word, she hugged me, given lot of kisses and said “my cute, I will keep you safe when you are out of my womb also don’t worry.”

My Mother is an angel, given by God to protect Me. I Love you Mom.

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