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Giving Toy to Others

“Giving Toy to Others” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Zhakenova Madina, Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Chemistry and Biology, Pavlodar, Kazakhstan.

Giving Toy to Others


Today again to school. She was happy only because, today was the last day before summer holidays. The day was surprisingly without any accidents. Samira was awkward, so sometimes it led to bad. She looked like she was an ordinary girl. But there was a mystery about her….

On the way home, Samira saw a girl. The girl looked like Samira’s sister, who had been lost when she was a child. She had big, black eyes and bright brown hair.

Andrea! – Samira shouted and ran towards the girl.

Apparently, Andrea also recognized her. But she did not hurry to start a conversation. She looked at her sister, who had so many questions, for a long time. And it brought Samira to tears. After that she began to speak.

-Hello. I haven’t seen you for ages. We must talk….

Without letting her finish the idea, Andréa brought her finger to her mouth, giving the command to keep silent. Samira’s neighbor went near them. It was an elderly man with kind eyes. Samira knew Grandfather Tom very well, so she was glad to present Andrea to him. But as soon as Samira turned, Andrea suddenly disappeared. “She might feel hesitated” Samira thought and decided to go for her search.

When she was already exhausted, she sat down on the bench to have a rest. It was getting dark outside, the wind was rising up. Samira’s parents began to worry, because their daughter never came late. So the girl decided to go home. Her parents, who did not know what to do, be happy with their daughter's return or be angry for coming late, were waiting for her. Fortunately, the parents were going to the anniversary of uncle Grammy. They were punctual, so that’s why they decided not to waste time for an argument.

Well, Mom and Dad had left and Samira stayed at home alone. She ate and started to do her homework. It seemed nothing special: she was sitting at the computer and listening to her favorite music. Suddenly Samira heard a strange sound, like someone's steps. Maybe neighbors, she thought. But the sound began to increase.

-Who could it be? The parents were away, and it was impossible that they came back. Strange ... After a couple of minutes, the sound stopped. But during this time, something fell down, outside the door. Samira now had no doubts that there was someone else at home. Samira got up and went to the place where the sound came from. Samira's heart was beating at an uneven pace, her hands were shaking with fear, but there was no other way. Curiosity was keeping on the alert. Samira walked to the door and froze in horror. Behind the door there was a creature. The shadow looked like a human, but for some reason with horns like a deer. Samira overcame her fear and screamed at the deer's head. For two minutes, there was silence. Falling on the floor with a hat Samira realized that she was attacking the wrong one. It was Andrea! Andrea was a cheerful person. That was why on her head there was a hat with horns. She liked everything unusual ... Not completely figuring out what happened, the girls began to laugh. They laughed for so long that they forgot to remove the pan from the cooker. The girls immediately ran into the kitchen. Well, as usual, there were some incidents. Andrea decided to help her sister, but she wanted to show that she could do everything herself. And she grabbed the pan from Andrei's hands. As a result, the pan fell! Fortunately, the soup did not pour out.

They ate. It was a long time since they sat and talked, played. In general, they had a lot of fun. Their fun was interrupted by a phone call. Those were the parents of Samira. They said that they would not come soon. Therefore, Samira did not have to wait for her parents and was going to bed. Suddenly Andrea began to say something that was not understandable to Samira. It was very strange. A few minutes later it was over. But as soon as Samira closed her eyes, Andrea stood up and said: - I came here for a reason, I must tell you that you have an unusual gift, and very soon you will learn about it. Good luck! ... And now, wake up, - said Andrea and disappeared...»

"Samira, wake up!" her mother repeated. Samira woke up and could not understand anything at all. What a wonderful dream! She liked it so much that she could not forget her dream. In fact in this dream she could do that on what in real life she did not have the opportunity. From that moment, Samira became a bit more cheerful than before, which surprised her parents. After all, in most of her life, Samira did not see anything joyful…


One morning Mrs. Johns had a call. It was Samira’s aunt Anne Smith. She informed her that grandmother’s health had worsened. In recent years, Samira's grandmother became ill all the time. The worst thing was that the doctors could not find out what the reason was. Samira’s mom Mrs. Jones immediately decided to go to her grandmother. The next day everyone was ready to go. On the way, aunt Mrs. Smith called again and said that the state of health is extremely unstable. It was necessary to do something urgently. All sorts of thoughts came to Mrs. Jones’ mind. She even did not say anything. As luck would have it, Mrs. Johnson had a whole in the tire. In the street it was getting dark outside and it was even colder. What to do??? All they could do was to wait. Fortunately, just a few minutes later, people came who were happy to help...

Soon they arrived. Mrs. and Mr. Smith met them and immediately began to describe the condition of the grandmother. It was hard to listen to their conversation. Therefore, to soothe their sufferings, Samira began to play her violin. Usually she did it when she needed something to think about or just to rest. After lunch, they decided to go to the hospital. Certainly not the best place for children! How many people can be injured at the same time?! Samira could not fully recognize what was happening. But still she understood how hard it was when something hurt you. She was very upset for her granny’s health condition. But unfortunately she could not help.

The blow to the forehead stopped her thinking. She was so deep in her thoughts that she completely forgot where she was. The blow was so strong that Samira's forehead was slightly swollen…

Finally Samira and her relatives reached the grandmother's room. Grandma Merry Corner was lying almost helpless. But do you know that this woman never had a drop of sadness. Before, Grandma was always an active person. But sometimes it happens that old age does not always come at our pleasure. Strictly speaking, that is why, now Samira and her family were in the hospital. Suddenly, the doctor came up to them and said something. Judging by the parents' voice, the news was not very good. It was found out that the condition of the granny was bad. And that the next operation Miss Corner might not overcome. Therefore, it would be better to stay overnight with Merry.

All night Grandma was coughing, not letting anyone sleep. Mom and Aunt Samira woke up several times to help my grandmother. So the whole night passed…


The day of the operation came. Samira’s mommy did not step away from her grandmother. Soon Miss Corner was taken to the examination room. Everyone was very worried. The nurse said that Merry might survive an operation with great difficulty. The only person who believed in a good ending was Samira...

For all 5 hours she did not let anyone lose courage. She even motivated doctors not to give up. How do you ask she did it all? So, the secret is in her violin. She played the melodies that she created herself. It seemed to be nothing special. But it was worth noting that the girl was blind. She inspired all the people that despite her blindness she did not pay attention to it at all. Samira behaved like an ordinary child: playing, exploring the world. She reminded her parents of their grandmother...

So the operation finished. Everything ended perfectly. Grandma Merry could stand on her feet again. Of course, Samira did not have the opportunity to see all the joy on the face of her loved ones, but she was glad that she gave one more chance to her granny.

Perhaps it was a coincidence. But, Samira immediately remembered about the dream. At last she understood what her gift was. Giving people joy, Samira filled her life with bright emotions ... Thus, Samira taught everyone to look for good in every detail. After all, only we ourselves can make our world brighter! ...

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