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Four finds out something Interesting on a blue moon night

“Four finds out something Interesting on a blue moon night” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Imara Arshad, Harrow International College Beruwala, Sri Lanka.

Four finds out something Interesting on a blue moon night

The holidays began and Chris's cousins Emily, Linda and Carlton are coming to spend the holidays with Chris.

Chris went to the Belwyn station to pick up his cousins. After five minutes, he saw the train in distance. He waved to them and greeted them as they got down.

“Hello Chris!, Nice to meet you” said Linda with a smile.

“Hi!”, Said Chris “come on let’s go home now”

They all went home by walking.

“How are you aunt?” Carlton asked Mrs Hampton, Chris's mother. “By the way where is uncle?

“Oh! I’m fine dear” she replied “he is busy with some work in the office”.

Mrs Hampton offered them some cool lemonade. After they had their drink, they went up to Chris's room and planned about how to spend their holiday. Emily sat next to the window with her head out, enjoying the soft breeze of the Belwyn Ocean.

“wow!, Look at the ocean” , admired Emily “ can’t we go there to spend our holiday” turning to the others.

“ Yeah, that’s a good idea” said Linda excitedly.

They all agreed and went to the island carrying all the necessary things they need. They found a cave with soft white sand and settled all their backpacks and went around the island to get introduced to the environment around. They saw many broken down walls. The sun was on top and it was very hot and sunny. They all felt tired.

“It’s very hot!”, told Carlton “ come let’s go to the cave and have some soft drinks”.

“Yeah he’s right” told Linda.

“Both the siblings feel the same” told Emily with a laugh.

“But Emily, even I agree with both of them” told Chris.

So they all went to the cave and drank some soft drinks.

Emily and Linda arranged the goods around the cave. It was evening already.

“Come Chris will go and take a bath in the water” told Carlton.

“But it’s dangerous” told Emily.

“I know that”, told Carlton “I saw a small pool surrounded by rocks and also which is not deep, I saw it when we had a walk around the island”

So they both went to the small pool, while the two girls were in the cave roasting some meat.

“Chris!” shouted Carlton “it’s cold” putting his toe to the water.

“It’s ok, you will be fine” told Carlton.

They both splashed water at each other, they had a great fun there.

“Carlton!” told Chris “I think this pool is made for us itself”

“Yeah I think so” told Carlton with a laugh.

After sometime Chris told to Carlton “it’s late, the girls must be waiting for us, come on let’s go back”.

So they went back and saw the girls had arranged the dinner on the mat. They changed their dresses and seated to have their dinner.

“Looks yummy!” told Chris “roasted meat with salads and lemonade”.

“ Hey! You greedy fellow” told Carlton “start eating your dinner or you will find it empty” The others laughed.

They all had their dinner and started to sleep. It was a stormy night so they all went asleep earlier. They heard a loud noise which made them all wake up from their sleep.

Suddenly they heard a voice calling “ Is anyone there!” , I’ve lost in this island”.

They all found a fisherman.

“Hi!, Who are you and what are you doing at this time” questioned Carlton.

“My name is Robert, I’m a fisherman” told the fisherman “my boat just broke down for a huge wave and struck my boat to the shore”.

“All right! You may stay with us until you mend up your boat” told Chris.

After they had gone to sleep, they all woke up by a loud noise outside again. They rushed to see what was it. For their surprise they found a very big empty hole in the middle of the ocean.

Suddenly they saw a rock nearby, where some words had appeared. They went closer.

Carlton read it aloud “ today is the blue moon night” he told.

“What a blue moon night?” asked Emily surprisingly.

Carlton continued “today is the day where an invisible castle appears in the middle of the ocean”.

They all where looking surprised.

“Go to the lighthouse nearby, you can see the castle from only one angle”.

The fisherman began “I have heard this in stories only”.

“Come let’s go to the lighthouse” told Chris.

They all went to the lighthouse balcony and walked around it to see the invisible castle.

At a point the fisherman saw it and shouted “I saw it!, It can be seen, come over here”.

They all saw it too. Then a staircase appeared automatically. The four children went to the castle through the entrance, while the fisherman refused.

“Wow, it’s looking amazing”, told Linda “I feel like I’m dreaming” she told, pinching her hand.

“It’s not a dream” told Linda to herself.

Then a monster appeared and the children rushed out of the castle. Then the monster changed into a poor girl.

“Are you seeing what I’m seeing guys?” told Emily in excitement.

The poor girl told “don’t come inside, I will turn into a monster and may harm you”.

“But why?” asked Chris.

“I have been kept as a guardian of the castle by the ancestors of this place, by using their magic” told the poor girl.

But they all entered except Linda. The girl didn’t turn into a monster. But when Linda entered she changed into a monster and chased them around the castle. After sometimes the girl changed back to normal.

The girl began “I’ve entered this castle hundred years ago, when I was a kid, as I got angry with my sister and went out of the house into the forest”.

“Then?” asked Chris.

“I saw a castle and I entered in and felt quite asleep as I was tired, but in the morning the castle along with myself got disappeared” told the girl.

Emily asked “then why are you still a kid if you had entered hundred years ago”.

She replied “it’s all the magic of the wicked ancestors”.

“Now come let’s look around the castle before dawn of even we will get disappeared” told Linda.

They went around the castle.

After a long time the fisherman had entered.

“This a good time for me to steal”, whispered the fisherman to himself “I can put an antique shop where I can earn lots of money”.

He even told “this is what we say, the one who enters first is an idiot”

The children where hearing the words of the fisherman, hiding behind a huge curtain.

“I’ve doubt him before” told Chris.

“This person knew all about the blue moon night and the invisible castle” told Linda.

“He must have been checking if someone was there, so when he found is he created a lie story about his boat” said Emily.

“Let’s don’t waste time, come let’s go call the policeman” told Carlton.

Before dawn, they went back to the Belwyn city, and went to the police station and told the police all about what happened. The police came to the island along with the children and got the fisherman arrested.

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