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Failure to success

“Failure to success” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Vicky Kumar, D.A.V Public School, India.

Failure to success

It was 9th of December 2025 when I went to the foreign for first time. By the way I dealt with many foreigners but I had never gone outside my country and never lived an extraordinary and royal life ever. There I was invited by the Nobel Prize Association to lead my country in the field of biology in the ceremony which was going to be held at Stockholm city on 10th December. The city was located in the central part of the Sweden. I was so excited that I hadn’t slept at that night. In the morning, I went to the location at 4 A.M. As the sun was rising high in the sky, the crowd and excitement was also increasing in the Stockholm. Inside the building of Nobel committee, scientists, thinkers, writers, journalists were present along with other citizens who were interested in scientific discoveries and inventions. I was also present among those great souls. My name is Aditya and I own 50% of an organization named Quanto Research organization. This organization promotes the newer ideas and innovations and their research is carried out throughout the year in every field of science.

The scientists were divided into different teams to achieve the specific goal or research in a particular topic. Since I completed my doctorate with the university of Dehradun and became the professor of genetics so I am the head of the biology department in my organization. Well, like everyone I was also waiting for the declaration of the winners’ name. There was a stir in my mind and only one question was arising that out of 3000 nominations who's discovery contributed a lot in the development of human civilization so that he or she deserves this prize. There were many questions but the answer was time. Two discoveries were most likely to win the prize. First one was the technology developed by Sir Edwardsins, a great biologist of that time. He developed a method which was able to cure the incurable disease AIDS. On the other hand the Biological department of my organization discovered a medicine which can destroy all types of cancerous cell without harming the surrounding cells. This was possible only by the dedication and hard work of our team. This research runs for 10 years. At that time who knows who will win because the final decision was in the hand of committee. The last 30 minutes were remaining in this period of half an hour, the excitement was in the extreme level. But my mind was full of fear. One second passed Like an hour. I was thinking about my journey and sacrifices done by me and my friend in our life to reach this point of success. Starting from the birth I started recalling my life.

After completing the primary education in the village I went to the town named Patna for the secondary education. There I met a student named Aniket who thinks like me. As we both were born in the middle class family we lived a simple life like others. Going school from home and vise versa was the part of our life at that time. But, things changed soon when we noticed the condition of the education system, unemployment and lack of skill and new ideas. I was interested in biology especially genetics and Aniket was interested in mathematics and physics. At that time we saw a dream to build a lab and devote our whole life to science and research. At that time we were not able to do so. So we left everything on time. After completing intermediate we took admission in college for the graduation degree. Many problems came in our study but the problem of money and disturbances were the big ones but we never gave up and carried out research throughout the college.

After completing graduation we both joined the job to earn money and get the precious experience. At the age of 25 when we worked for 3 years in the company we collected enough money to open our own laboratory. We opened a lab in secluded place. I started researching on gene and Aniket started researching in the field of quantum mechanics. Now, our life became stable but it was for a shorter time. I married a girl with the constant compulsion of my family. So it took some time to settle down myself. Due to this reason, I could not devote much time for our dream, so it affected the work for creating a lab. Anyhow, we overcame all the problems and finally everything become stable again. For further income we started a company of HYV seeds where the new variety of seeds were manufactured and sold in the market. We were getting rich day by day but situation never remains the same. As we get rich the negative thinking came in my mind. I was in the delusion of greed and I take many wrong decisions and started working for my own profit. Most shameful, I started cheating my best friend and finally we were separated. Again an incident occurred that changed our future life completely.

One day, I realised that my wife is in the last Stage cancer. Since I separated completely from my best friend, my wife was my world. I was sharing everything with my wife. But, when she died, I felt that I became alone in this world. I felt that everything in my lab was looking sad due to the death of my wife. I was not able to work, everything was ended but at that critical condition Aniket came to me and he explained politely that the bad and good is a part of our life and we should forgot bad moments and always try to move forward. I was feeling guilty but he put his hand on my shoulder and asked to start again. I promised myself that I will extinct cancer. We started again with more confidence and experience. We worked hard and build 95 labs, 40 companies, 5 universities within the country and played a crucial role in making India as a superpower. Now we are thinking to expand our lab to the infinity.

The clap of audience woke me up. I was dreaming my real-life. I was amazed but happy because my organization was declared as the winner. We got 4 million dollar coin and a million dollar cash with the diploma degree and much respect and honour. But I was wondering that I lived a wonderful life which has many ups and downs. Everyone was clapping because I am here but No one knows how I am here and how much I sacrificed to reach here at this position. Well I was happy because I completed my promise given to myself.

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