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Dr. Maxwell’s Fire Powder

“Dr. Maxwell’s Fire Powder” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Deoram Nataraja, GIIS, Queens Town, Singapore.

Dr. Maxwell’s Fire Powder

The crocked red house on the end of cramps avenue there lived the fascinating creature on earth (a human of course!!) he was called Dr. Maxwell. His best friends (his only friends of course) Lisa, who lived in the perfect pink house next to Dr. Maxwell's house and Nilly, who lived in the weird house opposite to Dr. Maxwell's house.

Nilly and Lisa came over to Dr. Maxwell's place for dinner. The first words came out from Nilly's mouth was "Can we use the fire powder"?, he asked repeatedly until he got the answer from Dr. Maxwell, which was a big fat no.

Dr. Maxwell was making their favourite dish fro-yo and telling them about his new inventions, he said: "blah blah blah blah blah" that's not what he actually said but you get the point. Nilly and Lisa weren't actually listening. Nilly who bought his book named "Animals you wish didn't exist “and read out loud (too loud actually) he said (for real this time) "moon chameleons are the most dangerous creatures on the moon, they can take up any form. Lisa and Maxwell told Nilly that "things in that crazy book do not exist. That's when it happened the radio said in a cranky voice "take..the...form...of.......the..singer....dave. We are the moon chameleons. After the radio turned off, Nilly said "hurray! A chance to use the fire powder and what's that you were saying things in that crazy book do something'' Lisa and Maxwell said nothing they just stared at Nilly. This can't be possible said, Lisa and Max.

Just then they got a call from the mayor, he said "moon chameleons are taking over. Nilly interrupted you to read "Animal you wish didn't exist" the king said "yes I do, then the call went offline, Max offered some fire powder and said "let’s go""awesome" Nilly said "if we are going to catch some moon chameleons, we need some gear" Lisa said. "Good idea" said Dr. Maxwell. Lisa took a chameleon catcher "this will work on moon chameleons too" the rest took all the stuff in Dr. Maxwell's lab and used the shrink ray to put it in their bag. When they were geared up, all of them ate the fire powder "up and away" they all said.

For Lisa and Max the fire appeared on their hands but it came out from the boots for Nilly, they flew faster than a jet, Lisa said "won't our parents be worried" "all taken care of" Dr. Maxwell said. Nilly told them "moon chameleons are easy to find, just look down" when they looked down they saw a tower named moon lair.

All of them shouted "let's go down. they broke into the building and saw the moon chameleons holding everyone like a prisoner, let them go all of them shouted, the chameleons took a few guns and declared war. There were at least 500 moon chameleons, the moon chameleon shot Lisa on the face but Lisa said fro-yo because their guns were firing fro-yo. Use the victory fro-yo Lisa shouted that is their weakness fine they said they threw the fro-yo and the moon chameleons burned to bits Nilly ate the last fro-yo and danced around.

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