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Dr.Depsters Dreadful Deeds

“Dr.Depsters Dreadful Deeds” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Kanawas Sriprab, Charter International School, Thailand.

Dr.Depsters Dreadful Deeds

There was once a great man called Jonathan Jones who was very wealthy. He had lived in Northumberland in a manor. Jonathan Jones was a kind man who always had given all his fortune to the nonwealthy people, making everyone appreciate him. Whenever Jonathan had seen poor people he would always help them.

After many months he his wife has had a baby. “What’ll we call him?” Jonathan’s wife asked. “We’ll call him Depster,” replied Jonathan. Depster was a nice baby, he had always believed what his parents told him.

When Depster grew up, he traveled to London and study, he was one of the smartest students in the whole school. Depster loved to study about health and, so he became a doctor.

Dr. Depster was a very smart person just like Jonathan. Depster always healed people for free with no charges at all. All the sick people always came to Depster’s clinic because there were no charges!

After many years of working, Depster returned home to visit his parents. He came in time for his father’s funeral. Depster’s mom was so sad and so was Depster. He then stayed home and used his father’s manor as a hospital where it would be easier for him to heal people.

Many months passed by and Depster returned to England to study. During that time he had fell in love with a girl called Valentina, yet he did not know that she was bad. Everyday Valentina would trick Depster to be a mean person and Depster believed her. From that day on Depster would always make the patience give him a lot of money.

Depster kept on taking higher and higher charges until nobody came to Depster’s hospital. Valentina then kept tricking Depster for mean things, which was unacceptable and Depster couldn’t even control his subconsciousness.

After many years, he had heard that his mother had died and so he went back to the manor to pay respect.

Depster was now fully 60 years old and had retired being a doctor although he still was a cruel man. He already had a son called Ernest and a daughter called Ernie. They were both nice kids who were really smart just like what Depster used to be they were also very kind like Jonathan who is there grandfather.

Many years passed by, Dr. Depster and Mrs.Valentina Jones had died. Ernie and Ernest then lived together and were happy together.

Afterwards, Ernest got a bit curious of the Jones manor which had belonged to his grandparents due to some news spreading that Dr. Depster and Valentina Jones had turned into ghost and had ruled over the Jones manor. He then told Ernie about his curiosity and so they traveled from England to Northumberland to Jones manor.

As they walked around the Jones manor, they had found many pictures of Depster curing happy patience and being very kind and giving money to the poor. They also found pictures of Jonathan and his wife giving birth to Depster and everyone being happy. As these pictures were happy pictures, they suddenly found paintings of their parent’s marriage and after that, all of the pictures were bad pictures of their parents getting huge amounts of money and also torturing slaves. While they were discussing their parent’s cruel deeds, Dr.Depster and Mrs.Valentina’s spirits realized that their bad deeds were very awful and they promised each other that they will never do mean things again and so they went to heaven forever. Ernest and Ernie had also been very happy because they heard what their parents had promised about being good because it would make their parents rest forever.

After this, Ernest and Ernie had returned back to London and told everyone that they had traveled to the Jones manor and that they had heard the spirits promise each other that they will be good. They also promised them that both the spirits have gone to heaven and would never bother anyone ever again. They also told the town that they should not believe in atrocious things and to be good people and carry on doing wonderful things and that Dr. Depster and his wife will rest in peace eternally……….

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