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Dog World

“Dog World” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Kate Ní Chárthaigh, Scoil Lorcáin, Ireland.

Dog World

Hello. You see I am not like other people. I am different. I am different because I have fur all over my body and I have four paws. You might have guessed that I am a dog and if you did you are 100% correct.

I live in a small house with my owners Mrs. Caty and Mr. Caty. They are the best owners ever because they bring me on two great walks every day and they play with me every morning and evening and they give me lovely food and water . I sleep down stairs and my owners sleep upstairs.

One day I woke up and I had my breakfast and my owners brought me on a walk. After a little while I heard someone scream down the road. My owners and I ran to see if they were all right but they were not because their house was on fire and their baby was still in the house. I ran in and saw the baby in its cot crying. I jumped over the fire and I got the baby. When I got out of the house everybody started clapping and then I gave the baby to its parents. After a little while the fire brigade came and put out the fire.

The next day my owners showed me the news and it said ‘Super Dog To The Recuse’. I felt very proud of myself and so did my owners. They got me a new ball as a well done present.

After two long and exiting months it was Christmas Eve. Christmas is my favourite time of the year because my whole family come over on Christmas Day and we have dinner together and because of course Santa Claus comes.

I would love to be Santa Claus so I could make millions of presents and fly around the world in a sleigh. That night at 8pm it was time to go to bed. I put out carrots and mince pies for Santa and then I went to bed and fell fast asleep.

BANG!!!!. I woke up and saw Santa Claus on the ground crying. ”I cannot do it” said Santa sadly. I walked over to Santa and looked up at him. ”Hello little cute puppy” said Santa. “Could you please help me deliver all the presents around the world because there are so many presents to deliver” said Santa hopefully. I nodded happily. ”Great now let’s get going so climb up the chimney and then get into the sleigh” said Santa happily. I climbed up the chimney and got in to the sleigh and then we were off.

We went all around the world. We went to Spain, Italy, France, China, Russia, Japan, U.S.A and Ireland and many more countries. After a long time we were finished. ”Thank you so much for your help because I would not have been able to deliver all those presents without your help. Merry Christmas” said Santa and then he went.

When I woke up the next day there were three presents under the tree with my name on them. The first one was a new dog toy. The second one was a new dog bed and the last one was a new collar saying ‘SANTAS LITTLE HELPER’.

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