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Crystal Candy Shop

“Crystal Candy Shop” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Ece Tetik, Turkey.

Crystal Candy Shop

Long, long, long time ago there was a little girl named Cristina. This girl was living in a little town called stone town. But she had bigger dreams than herself or her town. She has a dream to own a candy shop that made of crystal and flying around clouds. No one believed her because of this dream. But she kept on believing in herself. One day when her mom was back from work she had a bag with her. Cristina asked “What’s in the bag mom?” Her mom answered “This is a gift for you, c’mon open it.”Cristina slowly opened it. “Wow this is so cute.” It was a cute snow globe, in snow globe there was a candy shop. After that she started to call this snow globe “candy globe.” This globe fancied her dreams. Then she started school. She made friends, and lots of her friends didn’t believe her. But her best friend always believed and trusted her. That made up the base of her determination. And she tried again and again about what she wanted.

She grew up and she started middle school. She didn’t like this school at all but she still had lots of friends. Her best was here to but another class. Now she had new friends. Then her best friend started to leave, her behind. Then she changed her school because her mom wanted to. She made new friends. Lots of friends. She drew pictures of “Crystal Candy Shop.” One day her mom made her a surprise. There was a Candy shop that she bought. Cristina was so happy.

Her mom wanted her to name the shop. She knew the name from the start. She said “The name will be Crystal Candy Shop.” Now her mom was also happy. And then she showed the the design of the shop. Her mom said “That’s a bit hard but let’s try it.” And then they did it same. Now it looks the same. And then she started to do her homework. After today Cristina felt happier. But she stopped smiling because of a sad thing. They needed to move to the city. She didn’t want to leave this school or her friends. Most she didn’t want to leave the Crystal Candy Shop. She tried to stop her mom but she couldn’t. So they moved to the big city named “Sulity.” She started a new school and had new friends. Now her best friend was Amanda. She was happy in the city too but she always missed the old town. One day when she was walking home. She saw a puppy crying for help. She ran there and took the puppy to home. First, her mom got angry to her. But then they helped the puppy and adopted him. His name will be golden said Cristina. “Good choice” said her mom. They grew up together. When she was older she bought a bakery “Crystal Candy Bakery”. Then she lived happily forever.

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