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Charlie's Dream Comes True

“Charlie's Dream Comes True” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Ahmed Mohamed, Al Muntazir Boys Primary School, Tanzania.

Charlie's Dream Comes True

Charlie was a 12 years old boy. He lived with his parents in a village called land of the wise. He had two dreams, one was to get a pair of boots and one was to build a very big villa for his parents. He always tells his dad ‘Dad, please buy for me a pair of boots’. But his father always told him he would buy it for him. His father was very poor he didn’t have a job he just had a small farm of food crops like carrots, cabbages, and tomatoes it was just for their own benefit.

One day, he found it was very tough to get it. So he thought of getting a job. So he used to bunk his school to go and find a job so some times he loads heavy things in the truck and sometimes he carries gallons of honey from the forest.

One day he saw a pair of shoes and it was for sale at 85% off. The cost of it was 5.5 dollars and his salary was 2.5 dollars a week. He used to save his money under his mattress.

After 3 weeks hard work, he earned 7.5 dollars. So he went to the shop to buy it and luckily it was the last pair. For the first time, he wore a pair of boots he fulfilled his first dream and he was waiting for the time to reach and continue as it was his first time to wear his boots. He used to sleep with his boots.

One day he said, I wish I had a very big villa, suddenly he saw a very bright blue shining light through the window and he heard a very strange voice ‘make a wish and it will come true after completing a task of any type you get’, and it was the fairy god mother. He said, “I wish I would be the richest person in the village and build a villa for my parents and help thousands of people in this village’, and the fairy god mother replied ‘Then you have to help 20 people in the village I will give you a device to help you know how many people you helped.’

So he started the journey by helping others. The first person was a fisherman he wanted to get wood to cover his boat’s wound. So Charlie helped him by carrying the bar of woods after finishing the device he got was written number 1. The second person he helped was an old man he wanted to fetch water from the well and he fetched for him and carried it till to the old man’s house. The third person was a fire man he wanted someone to help him splash the water in the burning hut. So Charlie grabbed one of the pipes and the fire man grabbed the other and then the fire man told him that ‘May god bless you my child’, then Charlie looked at the device once again and he was surprised, it was written 8 instead of 3. He didn’t understand why he thought of it over the whole night and remembered that the fire man told him good words and it was added 2 points and 3 points were for the people he saved life after splashing the water. He was so thankful to the fairy god mother. The fourth person was his neighbor he told him to help him in fixing his car tire by filling in the car tire.

After all 4 weeks he completed helping all the people and his wish was successful and 20 years later he was leaving with his parents in the villa.

One fine day he built a big building called the problem solver. It had a total of 8 floors the ground floor was for the emergency hospital, the second was for the check up hospital, the third one was for healthy food, the fourth one was for pharmacy the fifth one was the tools for mining, the sixth one was for defense and security like cements and small weapons, the seventh one was for the education services includes stationeries and finally the eighth one was the problem services he listened to people with different problems and helps them. Every thing was free.

He was very successful and was loved by everyone in the village and was selected to be the village chair person. He thanked the fairy god mother for every thing.

The moral of the story was work hard to get what you want.

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