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Bosom Buddies

“Bosom Buddies” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Suhani Seth, St Mary's Academy, India.

Bosom Buddies

The teacher entered the class and pin-drop-silence occurred. It was the first day of the class and each one of the student in the class was feeling quite strange. After a month was completed everyone adjusted themselves in the atmosphere except a girl. Her name was Annie. Though she was very friendly, she could not make friends. The reason behind this was that she thought that everyone was busy in themselves and she did not want to disturb anyone. She was lonely. In the lunch period she went to the washroom and cried. Not this much, after the school when she went home, she cried in front of her elder brother.

One day Annie was standing near the corridor, she saw one of her classmates named Elsa was walking towards her. She shook Annie’s hand and said, ”hello Annie!”. She replied in a friendly manner,” Hey! How are you? ”. Elsa said, “I don’t think you have any friend in class. So if you don’t mind, we shall become friends “. Annie was very glad to hear this. She excitedly said,” sure Elsa, sure”.

Days passed, weeks passed, months passed and finally it was a new class and both Elsa and Annie became bosom buddies. They both shared their lunch. They enjoyed a lot. Even they both visited each other’s home at a regular basis. They clicked many pictures together. Not only this, they both understand the matter of each other without speaking. People used to give examples of their friendship.

But then there came a devil among them and she was Shizo who was one of their classmates. Shizo had broken her friendship with her friend and now she was jealous with the friendship of Elsa and Annie. She now wanted to tug their friendship also.

She manipulated Annie to be her friend and Annie could not understand her game because of this she had been lost in her clutches. Now Annie had started believing that cunning girl besides believing her trusting Elsa.

Elsa tried to talk to Annie but Shizo had provoked to Annie and tell her not to talk with Elsa. Annie and Elsa never seen together again. Elsa did not want to make any friends again, she still considered Annie as her friend, even though Annie did not considered Elsa as her friend. Annie had not done well with Elsa.

The days went on and gradually changing the years and then on the last day of the school, someone told Annie that,” Elsa who was your best friend before, is going to Canada for her studies as well as she will be settling there and never come back here.” Annie responded in very rage,” what? She is going to Canada. No it cannot be. I am also going there. After all this happened, Annie went to Elsa and asked her,” what do you mean to yourself? You over smart girl…. No sorry I am wrong you are an over smart cheater cock. You were knowing that I will be going to Canada so you started to cheat and now you are also going.” Elsa replied in very polite manner,” hmm! I will but Annie not by imitating you. I still love you more than my life.”

Annie become embarrassed after hearing all this and herself went away from there. Both of them passed twelve standard with high grades. Before going to Canada they had a lot of fun with their friends and family. It was time for both of them to leave. Their family came to drop them and coincidence was Annie and Elsa were leaving together and they had their seats together in the flight. Both of them were sitting quietly and suddenly a question arises in Elsa’s mind. She wanted to ask to Annie but she was frightened that if she ask, Annie will get hurt. Keeping all the thoughts at a side finally she asked, she said,” Elsa, why did you do this? We were best friends. Everyone used to call us bosom buddies. Everything was perfect then why did you cheat me. Why you chose Shizo instead of me.” Annie answered in an irritating way,” just keep quiet. I don’t chose you because you are a fool. You know everyone use to compare us and say Elsa is beautiful, Elsa is intelligent, Elsa knew each and everything but no one know who is actually me. No one knew Annie has all these qualities and Elsa is just a frightened girl as a rabbit. Actually I hate you. So no need to talk with me.


“What? No, I have cancer. But I have no money for operation even I have no money for food. How can I pay for treatment?” Annie said. Annie was in hospital and she was suffering from a dreadful disease, cancer. At that dangerous time no one is there to help her. Then she got an idea. She called Shizo and told her about this problem. Shizo said,” don’t disturb me. I am really busy and never call me again. Got it?” and she cut the call. Shizo was selfish.

Annie become unconscious in the hospital. Nurses saw her and took her to the operation theatre for cancer treatment. She was now free from cancer. She even don’t know that who had pay hospital fees?

Elsa entered the operation theatre with a wink smile and asked while offering Annie food that she had brought from home,” how are you know?”. Elsa surprisingly said,” really? You? Have you paid for you operation?” Annie laughed and said, ”yes, my darling Elsa. Actually you are still my bosom buddy” and they both start laughing. Elsa realize that true friends are really hard to find and she got one….

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