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Bliss : The Untold Story

“Bliss : The Untold Story” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Garvita Das, St. Anthony’s Junior College, Agra, India.

Bliss : The Untold Story

Hello, I am a puppy and I am four months old. Humans called me by different names, some call me street dog, some call me Awara, while others calls me puppy, pilla etc. Some humans come near me on their own to play with me, I also play with them, but some humans get scared of me and shoo me away.

Now I would like to tell you about my birth story. I was born three months ago with my other four brothers and three sisters. We all used to live with our father and mother. When we all were small, my mother used to tell us that when we were about to born she and our father roamed here and there to find a suitable place, before two months of our birth they found an old house and they started collecting newspaper, cloths and other things to make a bed for all of us. After that we were born. She also told us that when we were born, for at least one week our eyes were closed and we fed from her milk only, when our eyes opened we used to play with our father and mother, sometime human puppies also came to play with us.

One day when we all were playing hide and seek a van came and took away my mother, one of my sister and three of my brothers, fortunately father had gone out in search of food, me and my only brother and two sisters were hiding in the game so they could not see us and we were safe. When my father came back he was shocked that only four of us were there crying and the rest was missing. After two three days when we were playing, three human puppies came near us and start playing with us, after some time one of them picked up my sister saying “this puppy is so cute I will take it to my home” then other one picked my brother and said to third one, “I am taking this one you choose yours” and the last one took my sister and went away. Now only I and my father were left. For two to three week we stayed together and played with each other. One day when my father was going to bring food, I also insisted to go with him, he took me with him and while coming back to home I was walking behind my father, I spotted some butterflies and start chasing them. After sometime I realized that my father was not there and I was not on the way to my home. I start searching for my father but till now I am not able to find him. Now I am trying to find a new home and family for myself, who will adopt me, but as I roam around and go near to humans they beat me, kick me or sometimes they chase me also, but I think that some humans are very good as they sometime give me food to eat and also love me but till now no one has adopted me.

Few days ago when I was searching for food, some bigger dogs came near me and started barking on me and chased me, they all scared me just then a human girl came near me and shoo the bigger dogs, I was scared but she picked me up and started fondling me. She took me up the stairs and there were many human puppies they were younger than her, they said to her, didi please let us play with it and she said yes and put me down. I played with them for at least one hour, after that she took me to her house where there was her mother, father, and one more dog just like me whose name was “BLUSH”. Everyone asks her from where did she got me she told them everything that happened, then I played with that dog and with everyone, that night I stayed with them, next day they gave me a name “BLISS” I was glad to listen this name but after sometime I heard that the girl’s father was saying to her that since they have already one dog they cannot keep one more dog, I was scared on listening this, the girl also was very sad on listening this but her father told her that he will organise one meeting with the people of the flat regarding this problem, in the evening everybody has gone for some or other work that time I played with Blush and other children of the flat. At night everyone was back, father told the family that in the meeting it is decided that each family of the flat will take responsibility of me for one week, the following night I stayed in one auntie’s house that was my family for one week she cared for me very much and now onwards I live with one family for one week all the families of the flat are very nice but till now I have not been adopted by any family still I am very happy.

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