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Blaze and Rainbow The Legend of The Alicorn

“Blaze and Rainbow The Legend of The Alicorn” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Gabriel Agatha Lie, Sekolah Citra Berkat, Indonesia.

Blaze and Rainbow The Legend of The Alicorn

Once upon a time lived a baby dragon named Blaze that lived with his kinds. He liked to play in the morning and sleep in the night. He is the prince of dragons. So his dad act tough to him. Blaze was a bit mad with his dad even though he know that his dad is doing this for his safety. He always get into a fight with his dad. His mom is gentle and kind. So Blaze and his mom gets along. His mom always says about his dad is just trying to look out for him. When he was 9 years old, a knight and his army attack. The dragons tried to escape but the knight throwed ice potion. The dragons couldn’t move his dad was slayed.

His mom, and all the dragons except his dad escaped. Blaze was sad about his father’s death. He wanted to fufill his father’s dreams. So he trained himself to be tough so he can defend all the dragons. After years of training he finally became the strongest of all dragons. Now he can protect all of the dragons from evil knights that try to kill dragons. Of course he did not kill the knights only destroyed their weapons and act scary so they leave. Blaze is now 109 years old, he still like to play with the little dragons. One day when he was exploring around the forest he saw a pretty unicorn with rainbow hair and tail, Blaze went down and hide near the trees.

The unicorn name was Rainbow and she was the princess of the unicorns, she was 107 years old which mean she was almost the same age as Blaze. Rainbow had the same story as Blaze. Blaze followed Rainbow walking throught the forest, accidentaly Blaze fell of the tree and suprise Rainbow, luckily Rainbow was also a gentle unicorn, she only a bit startled when Blaze fell down. One day, they found a little girl injured her leg in the middle of a field. They went down to help her, the girl was the Princess from the nearby kingdom, she ran away because her father was the king that hate magical creature.

After hearing that they know that they must stop her father, but they can’t tell their family and friends. Suddenly They remembered the stories of the legendary Alicorn. The Alicorn was a unicorn that had wings, She was the only unicorn that learn the way of peace and friendship. So they travelled to the mountian where the Crystal Tree was, the home of the legendary Alicorn. They finally made it to the Crystal Tree and met the legendary Alicorn. Then they ask how to stop this problem. Then the Alicorn said,”The answer to that problem lies in your heart, just like the three of you, unicorns, dragons, and humans could live in peace”.

After hearing what she said, they understood that they must tell their friends to stop hating each other. The dragons and unicorns heard what Blaze and Rainbow said and understood. So they stop hating each other and started to be friend with each other. But the king did not listen to his daugther and order the knights to follow him to the forest and kill all the dragons and unicorns. Then the king found them, the king order to attack and suddenly the Alicorn come to stop the king. It turns out the king has dark magic and now mind controlling all of the knights. Knowing this, the Alicorn fight the king and at the last second when the king about to strike with his strongest spell, he suddenly fell over a cliffside behind him and dropped his magic staff. The king is dead and all the knights was free from the mind control spell. So the Princess grabbed the staff and then the kingdom turned back the peaceful kingdom it once were. After that the Alicorn returned to its home and the dragons, the unicorn, and humans live happily ever after thanks to Blaze, Rainbow, the Princess, and the Alicorn.

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