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Bella the Fairy

“Bella the Fairy” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Zahrah Taqiyyah Binte Zulkarnaen, Artistic Strategies Academy, Singapore.

Bella the Fairy

An extremely long time ago, there was a tiny planet close to the Sun called Mars. It had millions of miniscule islands. A fairy lived in one of those islands. Her name was Bella and she was a stunning and kind-hearted fairy. She lived with her family members in the gloomiest mountain in the island.

People who were living on the mountain felt that their lives were full of miseries. There were many tornadoes every month since the 17th century. The villagers were slowly losing their loved ones. There was chaos all over.

Night fell and everyone was awake. They were busy packing up because they were going to be hit by a tornado! Before dawn, the villagers were all set to evacuate from the mountain. Just as they were about to set foot to another island, a mishap occurred. Everyone fell unconscious in that very moment.

Months passed and the villagers regained consciousness with heavy minds. Bella thought hard and wondered how she could help to make the society a better place to live in. “Hmm, this is a disaster! Maybe I could make some magic happen to change this sorrowful island of mine.”

Bella had a magical wand that was given to her as a gift from the goddess. She had used it only for real emergencies. Its tips were white and the middle of the wand was black. Both the tips were white as black and white were Bella’s favourite colours.

Bella took her wand and started forming palm trees in front of the sea. The moment Bella turned the mountain into a better one, since then, all the tornadoes stopped occurring. The sea was full of trash so Bella turned the sea in a light aqua blue sea and cleared up the trash, all thanks to Bella’s magic! Rocks turned into gem stones, which were twinkling between the green palm trees. The gem stones were used to decorate the ocean.

People were starting to get a little happier, but Bella forgot one thing. The houses! The houses were almost full of water. All the beds, utensils, fruits, vegetables, furniture and many others were floating all over. The roofs were all washed away by the sea. Bella swiftly turned every house in the island into a terrace. The terrace had everything needed for humans to live in.

A few years later, the people had settled comfortably in the magical environment. The place that Bella made was a “Wonderland” to the people who lived in that magical island.

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