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Are We Poor?

“Are We Poor?” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by D’anne Marine Scandinavy Panjaitan, Indonesia.

Are We Poor?

Today, mama will tell me a story. The story is about the rich boy and the poor boy, I’m very excited. After waiting for a moment, mama comes to my room with a big book. I feel so happy and mama starts to tell me a story.

One day, at the same time in 18th April, there were 2 baby boys born. The first baby was born in a rich family and the second baby was born in a poor family. After 4 years later, they went into same school. Every day, the rich boy always come with something new, shoes, pencil case and everything. But the poor boy, he must refrain from buying goods that owned by the rich boy, because he doesn’t have enough money.

When they return home, the rich boy pick up by his father’s car and the poor boy walk to get to the house. At home, the rich boy lunch with his family with fried rice, and the poor boy he just goes for change and goes out for searching useless cardboard. At evening, the rich boy dinner with his family with steaks, the poor boy family dinner with rice and fried tofu.

Two years later, they graduate school and sign into primary school. The rich boy went to school with his father in thier car but the poor boy, he must running because the school is far and he don’t want to late. At break time, the rich boy pulls out his wallet and takes out some money to buy his lunch. The poor boy, he doesn’t eat anything. He just drinks water to fill his belly.

Tomorrow, their teacher makes them into one group. The poor boy group mate said the rich boy is arrogant. The poor boy is silent. At home, he said everything that his group mate said to him to his father. “We’re all different. You are you and he is he. Your character, his character, and your group mate character, all different. So don’t judge the book by its cover, understand?” his dad ask him. He does agree with his father.

The next day, the poor boy realized today is his birthday and he’s happy. At class, the rich boy came to class with his mom and a birthday cake. Everyone said happy birthday to him and no one noticed that today is the poor boy birthday too, but that’s okay he think. Everyone get 1 birthday cake. When the poor boy returned home, he ate that birthday cake and his mom saw that. His mom came to him and said, “happy birthday, honey. I’m sorry I can’t buy you a birthday cake.” “That’s okay mom.” He said and hugged his mom

After they graduate and sign in to the same university. The poor boy and the rich boy are very happy because they can see each other after a long time. Today is orientation time. They know all them instructor for all subjects. At class, the rich boy take out his laptop from his bag and the poor bay see it. “I never get what he owned. I want to be rich.” He thought.

At home, the poor boy looked gloomy. “What happen?” his dad asked him. “I want be rich, dad. My friend, he always brings anything new. Bag, shoes, pencil case, everything. I want all of them!” he yelled to his dad. His dad shocked and asked him, “Do you think we poor? “The poor boy falls silent. “You’re rich by your heart. If you can enjoy your life and be patient with all you have, you are rich. Maybe, you will be like him someday.” His dad said and went.

The next day, the poor boy said sorry to his dad and hugged him. Now, he knew that he is not poor and he will enjoy his life with his entire heart.

“What do you think about it?” mama asked me. “I think the poor boy’s dad is right.” I said. Mama kissed my forehead, “Do it sweetie. You are not poor. Good night.” She said and went out from my room. I know I’m not poor. Do you think same?

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