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Another Robinson Crusoe?

“Another Robinson Crusoe?” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Devi Sreekanth Pillai, The Asian School, Kingdom Of Bahrain.

Another Robinson Crusoe?

Have you heard of ‘ROBINSON CRUSOE’ by Daniel Defoe? Just imagine ourselves in a deserted island for 23 long years that too all alone, without companions. Here is a story about a diehard fan of ‘ROBINSON CRUSOE’.

Sam is a six year old boy who is very fond of movies. One day as he was watching a movie his mother came inside. He excitedly said, “Oh mom, how daring and adventurous was Robinson Crusoe. I would also like to be someone like him, in the open sea, my ship sinks, I am the only survivor, reach a deserted island…” “Oh God! My 6 year old son is already for a voyage. Now please my young Robinson Crusoe, will you please go out and play with your mates who are waiting for you.” Said Mom. Sam thought, “Mom won’t understand how it is to go out for a voyage. I think I will have to follow the footsteps of Robinson Crusoe.” He took a paper and wrote on it:

Dear Mom,

Just as you used to say, “Keep an eye on your goal and you will surely attain success but along with that you have to do hard work for it.” I hope I will be making you very proud because I have kept an eye on my goal and I am going to do hard work.

P.S: I am going for a voyage.



He stuck the note on the fridge and left the house with a mirror and a handkerchief. Sam walked around the roads and streets, saying to his friends and neighbours, “I, the great traveller ROBINSON CRUSOE is reborn and is setting off for another voyage.” And just as one of his great wishes had come true, a Victorian times ship was called on port. The ship had guards at both the entrances.Here goes our little Jerry trying to pass the ferocious Tom. He entered the ship by throwing a banana peel and distracting the guard, by God’s grace the guard fell for this. “Oh my God, even the God is by my side as he has brought most of my wishes come true as if it were a coincidence.” Thought Sam as the ship set sail from the port. And then he lost all his confidence and belief in God, “Oh God, it is true that I asked for an adventure just as Robinson Crusoe had, but it did not mean that you make my ship sink too. In tomorrow’s news with the picture of the sunken ship there will be an article, ‘World’s second TITANIChas sunk!!!”

You readers may think, what a coincidence it is? First leaving the house, then sailing in a ship, shipwreck…. Let us see what happened next…

Soon Sam found himself in a deserted island. By luck, maybe he must have survived the ship-wreck and the waves carried him to the shore. “Oh God, you are so great. I forgot the fact that after the ship had sunk, Robinson Crusoe survived. But did you bring a twist to this story?” He told as he saw a man not far from there. “Friday has come a bit too early you see. Anyways no problem. If Friday can come fast, the ship which will come and save us both may also come fast.” As the man approached towards Sam’s side Sam asked him, “Hello, You are Friday right? My pleasure to meet you. I am the great Robinson Crusoe. I see that our ship has not yet reached.” Sam was expecting that Friday does not know how to speak but he got a shock as the man whom Sam considered to be Friday said, “What is this? I am supposed to act as Robinson Crusoe, the hero. Who are you?” Suddenly a voice boomed “Cut it. Who is this boy? Helen who allowed this boy here”. A lady stepped into the scene and said, “I had kept guards at the entrance. I wonder how this boy entered the model ship.” And to his surprise Sam saw a whole set of people working for a movie and on the clapboard it was written, ‘ROBINSON CRUSOE, Scene 1 Take 1’.

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