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Angel and the Girl

“Angel and the Girl” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Neila Bakytzhan, Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Physics and Maths, Aktobe, Kazakhstan.

Angel and the Girl

Nina came home and fell to the bed. Looking at her snow-white hair, pale pink eyes and snow-white skin will immediately understand its feature. Nina – albino. Since childhood, she had to avoid the sunlight, so that in the summer she could not walk calmly with friends. She is also sensitive to cold, so you can immediately understand that she spent all her childhood at home.

At school, some tried to make friends with her, but Nina knew that it was only because of her unusual appearance. Some classmates considered her as a witch, above, and some fiercely hated her and envied her. She was amused by these guys, but she did not dare to talk to such people. Because she was despised by her classmates, and high school students avoided her, she gradually closed itself in. On the changes she was sitting alone and in the lessons she was quieter than the mouse, because she was afraid that she would be judged if she did something wrong. But despite the fear of public opinion, she was very brave and kind. On Sundays, she went to a nursing home, and she never thought twice before diving into the water and saving a sinking child or dog. Despite all this she did not have much contact and had very low self-esteem.

It was so, before that incident...

Her parents went to relatives for a few days, so at that moment she stayed home alone. After classes, she went to the store, bought the food back home, and, barely able to bring these heavy packages home, she changed her clothes, prepared food and, tired, sat down for the computer. It was Saturday so she could not worry about her homework. In an hour she turned it off and went to bed.

After a while she woke up because of the rustle. Fortunately, she has a very good ear, so she immediately realized that the sound comes from the closet. She cautiously went to the closet and slowly opened the door. When she saw what was inside, she was very surprised. There he was a 15-year-old boy. His snow- white face was covered with freckles, his big lilac eyes were unnaturally pale, and behind him were the big wings neatly folded behind his back. He was wearing shapeless shorts that were being built. He was without a T-shirt, so that when she saw this spectacle, she turned around confusedly.

“Hey! Is there anyone?” he asked, opening his eyes, in a soft and quiet voice. –“Help me please.”

However, Nina was silent. She was not afraid to say anything, she was afraid to even breathe. She watched silently as he tried to find out what to lean on. Judging from everything, he was blind.

“Hey, I know that you're here. I hear your excited breath. Do not be afraid, I will not hurt you. But please, help ...”

He did not have time to finish speaking and fell to the floor. Only she noticed that his back was bloody and the wing was broken. Who could have crippled the poor fellow like that? She could not stand it and ran to him.

“How, I'll help you now.”

She led him to the bathroom and washed his wounds. Later, after bandaging all the crippled places, she asked:

“What happened to you? Who are you?”

“Sorry, I did not even introduce myself, and you already saved my life.” -He smiled sadly. “I am an angel. And my name is Amaliel. I protect the weak and defenseless from cruel and unjust. Recently, I was engaged in my work, and I had to fight with Anakim. I won, but was mortally wounded, and accidentally moved here, to your closet.”

Nina was in shock. She did not believe her ears and eyes. Before her there was an angel! And she saved his life!


He laughed softly.

“Sorry, probably this is so sudden for you-will meet with the angel. So,what is your name?”

“I'm Nina, a human,” -she smiled. “But it's not that important. What happened to your eyes?"

“This is temporary blindness. Will pass in some minutes.”

And indeed, after a few seconds his eyes had purple violet color.

“See, I told you ...”-the angel looked at her and froze.

Nina became uncomfortable.

“What happened?”

“No, nothing, just you are very similar to my friend ... who died.”

“Angels can die?”

“Yes, and the angels can die, but I do not really want to talk about it.”



There was an awkward silence. Suddenly she noticed that a piece of bandage had fallen off, and the wound beneath him had disappeared. Having noticed Nina's interested look, Amaliel said:

“On the angels everything heals quickly, so you cannot be surprised.”

But she only smiled back. And Amaliel looked at her and thought.

“Want some tea?”

“No thanks, we do not eat your food.”

“What do you eat then?” - Nina was surprised.

“We have our own special food, and we only eat it. You'll forgive my rudeness.” - He smiled again.

“Do you want to sleep right here, and I'll sleep in the living room. I'll appreciate it. Thank you.”

Nina put out the light and went into the living room. And yet an unusual angel-this Amaliel.

The day after breakfast, Nina went to the room where she settled the angel. When she entered the room, she noticed how the angel looked out the window with a thoughtful look.


“Good morning”

“What happened?”

“Nothing, just decided to wait until you wake up.”

“What for?”

“I wanted to ask you to remove the bandages.”

“Oh, yes, of course.”

When she took off the bandages, she noticed that the wound was no longer there, and the wing was healed.

“A man who saved an angel and did not leave him to die, a person with a big and kind heart, will be rewarded for his pure soul. Nina, I feel and I know that you have problems in communication. And now you will not have them anymore. Also now you have everything and always will be obtained the first time. It's good for my life. I hope we'll meet again, Nina, good-bye.” around flashed a bright flash, and Amaliel took off into the air.

And he disappeared, and Nina fainted.

She woke up already in bed with the realization that today she had to go to school and that she was late. She quickly changed her clothes and went to school. On the way she was thinking about what had happened last night, but did not remember anything. But from that day with her, everyone wanted to be friends and communicate with her. Nina was in the spotlight every day l around flashed a bright flash, and Amaliel took off into the air. She helped everyone and made more and more new friends. Parents came and were delighted with the success of the daughter. Nina became happy, and did not cease to do good. She did not forget about how she met the angel and that everything was due to him. Nina will never forget about him.

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