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Andra’s Adventure

“Andra’s Adventure” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Daniela Meléndez, El Cole de Los Pekes, Spain.

Andra’s Adventure

Andra is a twelve-year-old girl and today is her birthday. She is tall; she has green eyes and a long straight brown hair. She is very intelligent and calm. She lives in a very big and beautiful city: New York.

Today it’s a cloudy day and she’s going to celebrate her birthday in the beautiful and green Central Park with her friends. It was going to be a surprise party.

Andra has a pet: Butterfly. Butterfly is a little and curious cat with light brown fur, and she always walks with Andra. They’re going to Central Park to go for a walk. Andra saw all her friends there and she was very happy. When she was going to buy a cotton candy to share with her friends, they moved the party to the other side of the park. When she went to the place where the party was, she found nothing there.

Andra was worried, then she sat down under a tree and it started to rain. It was very cold, later she saw something strange near her, it was an intergalactic door!

She and Butterfly got into it. When she woke up, Butterfly was not there, but next to her there was a very big “cat-horn” instead. A cat-horn is an enormous cat with a horn in the middle of its head and wings. The cat-horn was Butterfly, who had had a magic change. Andra sat on Butterfly’s back, and they watched this strange place. Later they found a dress up cat-horn who said: “Hi, I’m Jimmy. Do you need some help?”

- “Yes please!” -exclaimed Andra.

-“Where are we?”

- “You are in Fantasyland,” -said Jimmy. -“The world where the fairies, cat-horns, dragons, two-heads-bird and dogydeers live.”

-“What is a dogydeer?”- Andra asked curiously.

- “A dogydeer is a big dog with horns and legs like deer, they are not very friendly and we are in war with them.” -Said Jimmy.

Suddenly a black spaceship appeared and a dogydeer dressed in black went down and said: -“Are you from here? I do not like people in my land! Woof, woof!” Then he took a special mobile phone and throw laser to them. Andra sat on Butterfly´s back, and she began to fly like a real butterfly; then Jimmy said: -“Come to my house to spend the night. Tomorrow we are going to fight with the dogydeers, and we will need help because we are less than them. Do you want help me to ask the fairies if they want to come with us…? Do you want to come too…?” “Ok! “ Andra said. She and Butterfly had a very bad night in Jimmy’s house, because they were very nervous and worried. “Am I going to return home? Am I going to die tomorrow at the war?” She thought… When she woke up she was at her home; and it was all a dream. What happened with the cat-horns, fairies, and the dogydeers? Nobody knows, only Andra in her dreams.

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