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An Orphan Kid

“An Orphan Kid” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Varun Santhosh, Sunrise English Private School, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

An Orphan Kid

In a place in India there was an orphan kid he lives in a orphanage, his parents died when he was 1 year old itself as his parents died his grandparents took care of him after some years his grandparents also died after that his uncle looked after him but after he got married he thought to leave him in the orphanage and live happily with his family. The next day as he woke up he took the baby from the cradle and opened the door of the car and drove the car straight to the orphanage and left him there and went back home and lived happily but he was having a lot of problems in his life as a punishment of the lord(god). But the baby was very happy.

After one year his birthday arrived they celebrated his first birthday very nicely. They bought cake and decorated there with balloons, and he was also very happy for that we celebrated his birthday. He then grew into a big boy he started going to school then day by day he grew but after school he comes to the orphanage and play with his mates and learn very well. Years passed by he got a job in a big engineering company and got 25,000rs as salary. So, he earned enough money and built a house. Then he married to a beautiful girl and every week he used to go to that orphanage where he lived when he was small and after some months his wife got pregnant and he was very happy he took her to the hospital daily for check up. After 8 months the baby came. They got twins both boys. They grew up and started going school and years passed by and they lived happily.

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