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An Intelligent Fox

“An Intelligent Fox” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Muhammed Yasir Abdullah, The Horizon School, India.

An Intelligent Fox

Once upon a time there lived a mighty and big fox named Jack. He was brave, intelligent and helpful. He had many friends and he loved them so much that he was even ready to die for them. One fresh morning, Jack went to the river to drink some water. There he saw an angry faced lion drinking water from the river. But Jack was not scared and continued to drink water. Suddenly he heard a loud noise. At a distance Jack saw the same lion he saw near the river, chasing a deer. Jack was shocked. “Oh no! It is my friend Ram” he said. He ran as fast as he could thinking all the while how to save his friend. The deer ran deep into the forest and reached a place surrounded with trees. Now there was no way for him to escape from the lion. Jack got an idea. He changed his sound and said loudly, “Hey lion, let the deer go or else I am going to kill you!” The lion looked around but saw no one. Suddenly Jack threw a stick at the lion and the scared lion ran yelling, “Save me! Save me! There is a ghost here.” Jack now came from behind the bush. “Surprise!” said the fox to the deer. The deer was so relieved to see Jack. “Thank you so much, dear Jack, for saving my life today. Because of you I am still alive”, he said. “It’s my duty. Friends should help each other”, replied Jack. After telling this he rushed away like a superhero.

The next day Jack went to lion’s house to see if he is okay or not. He tiptoed and went inside. He saw the lion sitting sad, saying to himself, “No one likes me. Today is my birthday. I tried to invite the deer, but he ran away thinking that I was going to eat him.” “Poor lion,” thought Jack, “I should help him celebrate his birthday happily.” Jack ran back and told everyone to come to his house. He told the deer, “The lion was actually trying to invite you for his birthday and not to eat you.” Then he told the other animals, “The lion is not our enemy. He is our friend. Today is his birthday and let us all join to celebrate and make him happy.” Everyone thought that Jack was correct and helped him to finish the decorations. Jack and Ram now decided to bring the lion. They went and asked the lion to join them for a walk. When they reached Jack’s house, everyone shouted, “Surprise!! Happy Birthday!!” The lion was very happy. The lion was so happy that tears filled his eyes. He called Jack a hero. Every animal gathered there agreed to this and repeated this. The deer was very happy to be the friend of Jack. The animals learnt not to be afraid of the lion and the lion in turn got many friends. All the animals including the lion felt happy and realised that all this was made possible only because of Jack.

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