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All in Good Time

“All in Good Time” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Muratkhozhina Adiya, Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Chemistry and Biology, Pavlodar, Kazakhstan.

All in Good Time

Sometimes we have terrible nightmares, but sometimes we have good dreams about brave sobs and beautiful princesses. But what if the dream comes to life?

I always thought that life in the Middle Ages was much more interesting and colorful. It was full of interesting and mysterious stories and events. When I looked at the photos of my great-grandmother, I always wanted to be with her at that time and in that life. I wanted to put on a beautiful magnificent dress, to make a hairstyle and to put on sparkling jewelry. I wanted to know what the teenagers were interested in, what was in fashion that time and what the trend was. I have always been curious to know. However, I will never be able to do this, because it is impossible to return to the last century. Because of this, I just have to watch albums and photos of my great-grandmother, watch movies about middle ages, and listen to middle-century music.

Today was the usual, an ordinary, quiet evening. I always went to bed early. However, because of the full moon I couldn't sleep for a long time. But a few hours later I fell asleep. I had a wonderful dream. I finally was in the middle ages, though all of this happened in a dream. I found myself in a big mysterious castle. At first glance, it seemed very cold and scary, but after I started wandering around this castle I became very interested. The castle had four floors, which were connected by staircase and long, tangled corridors. The walls of the castle were made of gray stones. On the walls were flaming torches, different paintings by famous artists and marble statues. There were a lot of rooms in the castle, and there was a very large library. The library contains many ancient books from different centuries. It seemed to me like this library had the books from all over the world. On each floor of the castle, there were huge windows with iron lattices. From the windows you could see two high towers. Around the castle stretches a beautiful garden. There were roses of various colors and sorts, was even rare black ones. Few people know that these noble flowers are not only decoration but also for fragrance. These plants attracted with their tenderness, grace and at the same time brightness.

For a few hours I went and walked around the castle admiring these mysterious and beautiful views. At one point, when I came to a huge wooden door with bronze handles and gold patterns, I heard a very pleasant melody and the sounds of dancing, singing people. Opening the door, I saw a lot of people. They were happy because in the castle was ball in honor of the king and queen. The balls in the 19th century were a favorite entertainment of the public. The ball was held in a beautiful hall with large mirrors. I joined them and also started to sing and dance. I was so happy because I had never been at the ball. In our time, there is no such entertainment as ball and festivals. After I saw a beautiful mirror, looking down I saw myself. I was very surprised because I was in a stunning dress made of red velvet with beautiful gold patterns. I was wearing a silver crown and a necklace with big precious gems. I looked around and enjoyed this medieval life. But suddenly, I felt like I wanted to go home. Of course medieval life was very interesting and it had its own benefits and beauties, but I was missing my life. In the 21st century, most areas of activity were developed, especially technology. Smartphones, technology, new inventions and much more, I missed all these things. I didn't have enough of this modern life. I was a typical teenager of the 21st century, probably…

When I woke up I realized that nothing can replace my life. No matter how much I want to live in the middle ages, I will always want to go back to the 21st century. So appreciate what you have. Everything has its time. All in good time.

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