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A War of Religion

“A War of Religion” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Aniket Ranjan, D.A.V Public School, Nalanda, India.

A War of Religion


The religious story begins with not any god or goddess not with devil or spirit. This story is about religious war between the science and religion. Under this story, world will divide into two part religious and non-religious group. A group who believe on god and their faith but other are those who say “there is no god. Science is your god. No one will praise the god all must have faith in science.” This story is full of adventure of religious differences. Struggle of religion and science are main part of this story. This is a war of religion vs. science. Can anyone win this war? Can this an end of humanity? Who will survive? religion or science? Who is hero of the story?

Religion is blind without science.

Science is handicapped without religion

Albert Einstein

In 23rd centuries, the world was suffering from religious differences. This difference was about religious and non-religious groups. About 65% of population was non-religious. On 1st October 2205, a large conference occurred between religious and non-religious (group in favour of science as religion), but both are rigid on their own opinion, no one is in favour of compromising. Why these disputes occur? This debate drags back us to mid of 22nd centuries, the past incident of 21st and 19th centuries. Religious riots and mass killing of people cause people disappoint from religion. Large population of the world started to refuge to accept religion, horror of religion reached at peak. They started to accept a non-religious society. The increasing non- religious conversion alarmed the religious leader that they loss their superiority.

This conference of 1st October 2205 popularly calls as first octfive. Religious groups are represented by religious leader, religious rich person and some poor people (for name only) while non-religious group where guided by scientists, professors, lawyers, doctors and by other scholars.

A cold war arose between religious and non-religious groups the condition of world was so critical and narrow. The world was in the position of next world war but this about religion vs. Science. Despite from critical condition of world, a man of Indo-China region who belongs to a middle class family changed the direction of whole debate and gave society an idea. He was a great philosopher but for earning money for livelihood. He selected banking as a profession. As a great philosopher and scholar, he was selected as for conference assembly as non-religious supporter but he was not a supporter of non-religious group or even not a supporter of religious group. With his hidden different mindset, he entered in assembly. On 4th September 2203, he gave his first speech in assembly to introduce himself but still his mindset was hidden. After his first speech and first meet in assembly, he analysed many things about both group. He realised that the religious group is full of many greedy leaders who have no concern for religion. They only want their own power and superiority. They are selfish but he also realises the importance of religion. He also realises psychological importance of religion but it is polluted by religious leaders. He got a surprising data, about 75% of wealth in the religious population is controlled by religious leaders, and other religious population have only 25% control over wealth despite that they are 85% of the religious population.

We never meet Jesus but we know him by their followers (saints & priests). Buddha is not responsible for Buddhism. Their follower is responsible for this. He delivers their same opinion in firstoctfive. His survey on religion was so fantastic. After giving a fantastic speech, he sat back to his seat and listen others speech. Again he stood and delivered his speech over science. He began with a word “oh! Science come and helps me”. Just after this word assembly was full of laugh. He said “Why are you laughing? Am I wrong? It is so similar like god helps me. Science can never take place of religion. Can Einstein, Newton, Galileo and e.t.c will your god? Let forget this contradiction and variation”. The hall was thundered with applause but he continued his speech “listen I am talking about religion of humanity. We are human only humanity is our religion. I am finishing my speech and I hope you have got what I told.” He came back to his seat and delivered his last speech. After five days of his speech he murdered by enemy of humanity and this was the end of one more hero.

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