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A Midnight’s Dream

“A Midnight’s Dream” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Ishita Agrawal, Global Indian International School, Queenstown, Singapore.

A Midnight’s Dream

“I absolutely can’t wait, this time I am totally going to win.” I said to others as I carried my cupcake and tea dispensing robot through the crowded hallway of our school. “Yes I am sure you will Olivia, now can I have another piece of that delicious chocolate cupcake, I am famished”, my food loving friend, Ashley, said, as I put the robot down on the floor, “One cupcake, Bitzo” I said as the robot middle opened to reveal a chocolate cupcake iced with creamy white frosting. Ashley quickly took the food and stuffed it in her mouth. “I didn’t know Bitzo was voice operated” Sasha said as Bianca nodded in agreement. “I just added that feature yesterday. The annual science competition is tomorrow and this extra feature has definitely increased my chances of success.” I replied as we reached the gate of the school and left after we exchanged goodbyes.

I had been waiting for the three of my friends for such a long time but they still hadn’t shown up. “Olivia Wilde?” The female judge asked, looking at me. They had at last reached my stall. “Yes, yes that’s me, Olivia Wilde.” I replied to her questioning look, giving up the search for my friends. Just as I turn towards them I heard someone shout my name. “Olivia!” I turned to see my friends coming towards me, Sasha holding a pair of wings. “Sorry for the delay” she said still walking “I was making this for – whoa!” Sasha said as the wings fly up into the air.

“A butterfly robot?” The male judge said “No doubt she deserves the blue ribbon, doesn’t she Lisa?” he asked, turning to the female judge who was nodding in agreement. “Then I suppose our work here is done.” With that they handed Sasha the ribbon and left. I turned to face Sasha. “How could you do this to me? “I asked, outraged. “She just wanted to help” Rachel said and Ashley supported her. I couldn’t believe my own friends were against me, especially since they spoiled my lifelong dream. “That’s enough! I don’t want to be your friend anymore!” saying that I stormed off, annoyed and angry.

That night I went to bed after finally deciding what I did was right, wishing I had never met them. I kept tossing and turning, it felt like someone was watching until I couldn’t take it anymore. I got up to see Bitzo on my bed, startled as that was not where I had left him. “Hi” he said. I quickly squirmed away from him and suppressed my scream. “A-Are you real?” I asked, terrified. “Maybe. Now we must go.” He replied. Before I could ask where, he touched my arm and we were sucked in an indigo whirlpool.

Either this was a dream or I was going crazy, I was standing with my robot in an entirely different place. “You wanted to know what it would be like without your friends so I brought you to the past” he said. Just then I recognize my old room and saw a younger version of me, experimenting with the little mechanical parts. It’s quite odd being there at that moment, but the one thing I didn’t get was why I was inside during such a nice weather, when everyone was outside having fun. “Oh” I realised “I really didn’t have fun or any friends before” I reasoned out aloud. I thought little me heard that and quickly turned towards her, but then saw that she hadn’t. “She can’t hear nor see you” Bitzo told me. “I didn’t really know the meaning of fun before. It was only when I met my friends I really started living my life” I said, continuing my previous thought train. “I am glad you realised that, now it is time for us to go.” Bitzo said. He once again touched my arm as I nodded in agreement.

The next time we landed after the indigo whirlpool, we were at a brightly enlightened room. The room was filled with test-tubes and repair tools, like our science lab. Wait, this is not my house. “Where are we Bitzo? I thought we were going home?” I asked. “This is the future. Look isn’t that you?” He replied and pointed to an older girl wearing a lab coat. When she turned I saw that she is older version of me, grimly working. “Why am I so sad?” I asked Bitzo. “It is because you broke all ties with your friends and never made new ones because you were too scared they will betray you.” He replied, hearing this I frown and became disappointed in myself. Big Olivia finally finished what she is doing and stepped away from her work. I can now see that she has made three robots, which look very familiar. “Wait, those robots, they look like my friends. I can’t be that lonely that I replace my friends with robots. This can’t be true. Can it?” I asked in a frantic voice. Bitzo didn’t answer but merely touched my arm and we were sucked in the familiar indigo whirlpool.

The next day I waited at the school gate with Bitzo for my friends. I knew I had to apologise to them. As soon as Ashley, Sasha and Rachel arrived, I rush up to them. “I’m sorry, I know what I said to you was wrong. Please forgive me.” I said “It’s ok. You had been preparing for that competition for a long time, you deserved to win. Those wings weren’t actually a butterfly robot, they were for Bitzo.” Sasha said “Really?” I asked in utter astonishment. The others nodded in agreement. “Thank you” I said, hugging them all. “Now that all is well, can we have cake to celebrate?” Ashley asked. “I am with Ashley on this one” Rachel said. We all giggled as Bitzo dispensed the cupcakes and each one of us grabbed one and started to eat, once again friends.

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