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A Little Play of Misunderstanding

“A Little Play of Misunderstanding” is one of the outstanding stories of the first biannual International Short Story Contest 2018 written by Ishita, Our Lady Of Fatima, India.

A Little Play of Misunderstanding

Once there was a girl named Priya. She studied in class 6th. She was a bright student of her class. She used to take part in the Olympiads. After some days, one boy from senior class entered Priya’s classroom. He announced that all those who have taken part in the mathematics Olympiad, please stand up. [The boy had to distribute the Olympiad forms].

Some of the students stood up and told that we have participated in the Olympiad. Priya did not stand up because she was not confirmed that weather she had taken the part or not. The boy distributed all the forms but only one form was left with him. The boy asked the class teacher that one form is left so there was some student who left behind. The teacher asked the students but nobody answered. Then suddenly one girl named Rosie stood up and told the teacher that Priya must have taken part in it. Then the class teacher asked Priya, “Have you taken part in this Olympiad? “ Priya got confused and said, “I do not think so madam. “[But Priya was not sure about it]. Then Rosie said, “Priya are you sure about it because ‘I think you must have taken part in this Olympiad.

Priya replied, “I do not remember,” then she thought in her mind, [I must have taken part in it and I must had forgotten it]. Then Priya told her teacher, sorry Miss, I forgot that I have taken part in this Olympiad. The boy who came to distribute forms gave the form to Priya. After the boy went, teacher scolded Priya that she must remember and she must not forget if she has taken part in anything.

After her class, when the Olympiad started and when the teacher passed on the attendance register on which each student had to sign in front of his/her name. When Priya got the register to her greatest surprise Priya’s name was not there. She got astonished and really angry. She thought in her mind that she was right; she did not remembered because she did not take part in the Olympiad. Priya wanted to cry as she also got scolding from her class teacher. But she completed her Olympiad without uttering a word. After completing the Olympiad Priya saw her mother coming. She told her mother, “Mom, it was a little play of misunderstanding”, sadly. She told her mother about each and everything happened whole day. And in her mind she laughed at herself.

Suddenly, she heard someone calling her name “Priya Priya!! “Wake up “and when she opened her eyes, she saw her mother standing in front of her. It was not a little play of misunderstanding but a dream. But this dream taught her a lesson and the moral Priya got from this little play of misunderstanding is that she must not forget the work done by her and also she must be responsible for her work to get successful in life and she must be punctual with her studies. Like Priya, we must learn to be hardworking, punctual with our studies.

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