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The Space Adventure

“The Space Adventure” is one of the outstanding stories of the second biannual International Short Story Contest 2017 written by L Manoj Sai, Montessori High School, Kurnool, India.

The Space Adventure

Once Manoj and his friends were playing in an open place. They were playing football. While they are playing an object which was large crashed into the playground. The object was like an unidentified flying object (UFO).

Manoj and his friends came to the crashed site. Suddenly a ball came rolling to them from the UFO. Manoj picked it up and started observing it. He noticed a button which was red. He pressed the button. Suddenly the ball became into a belt. Manoj wore the belt. Suddenly manoj grew 200 times larger than his original height. All his friends looked at him surprisingly.

Kiran, who was intelligent boy said “remove the belt so that you can come to your original height”. Manoj removed the belt and he came to his original height once again. Kiran took the belt from Manoj and started observing the belt. He saw a symbol which represented a robot. All of them went into the UFO. They saw a robot which was lying on the floor. While all of them are observing the UFO. Manoj clicked the ‘start’ button unknowingly and UFO started to fly. The UFO took them into the space. After sometime they were landed on a planet. They got out of the UFO and started walking. Suddenly, many robots came and surrounded them. The robots took them to their leader. The leader of the robots was the transformer named ‘Optimus Prime’. Optimus prime asked “who are you?” then Manoj came forward and explained the whole story to him. After that, Manoj gave the belt to Optimus Prime. Then Optimus Prime asked “can you show the UFO?” Manoj said “Yes, Sir I will”. Then Manoj took him to the UFO. Optimus Prime went insdie the UFO. He saw the robot lying in the UFO. He said to the servants to bring a rechargeable battery. He took the battery brought by the servents and recharged the robot. The robot got up. Then Optimus Prime asked “What happened?”. Then the robot said “I was roaming in the space in the UFO. Suddenly a laser beam came towards me and after that I don’t know what happened”. In the mean time a robot came running to Optimus and said ‘the robot of the spark are coming to attack and destroy us.”

Then Manoj asked, who are this robots of the spark? Optimus said “They are the robots from the spark planet. They are cruel. They are coming to our planet to conquer this planet.” “Soldiers prepare for the battle with the robots of the spark.” Then the general of Optimus Prime’s army said ‘They have extraordinary weapons and huge army which can defeat us easily.’ Then Kiran said I have an idea. Let us use the belt.” Then Optimus said “Yes, you are right, but have only one.” Then Manoj said “Let’s tie this belt to the largest building in the planet and throw it towards them before throwing the building, let us make the building too small and on throwing, let’s click the button, so, that it will become large and falls on them.’ Optimus said “Wow! Amazing idea.” Then he choose the largest building and threw it on them. Half of the army was destroyed. As the army became less in member, Optimus is army easily defeated the robots of the spark. They won the battle. After the battle, Optimus thanked them for their suggestion and sent them back to the earth.

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